Should the United States derive tax revenue from the stock market to pay off the federal debt?

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  • Make it a crime.

    No matter how much the fed gets its never enough. So many greedy groups watch the revenue stream with anticipation on how to spend it to enrich themselves. If the revenues went up two fold we would still run a deficit. So make it a crime to be a spendthrift and enforce it with vigor.

  • Stock Market Means More Investment

    The stock market shouldn't be taxed as investment in companies should be encouraged, not discouraged. Instead, the United States can derive more tax revenue from gasoline sales, lottery ticket sales, cigarette sales, tanning booth use and alcohol consumption. Excise taxes and sin taxes should be the norm. Even an extra one percent added to those services can earn hundreds of millions of dollars for the U.S. Treasury.

  • No, the stock market should not be touched for tax purposes

    The stock market should not be taxed to help relieve federal debt because it could potentially cause problems within the stock market. Taxing stock could make the value of it go down in an already fragile economy. The first key to paying off the federal debt is avoiding it in the first place, and starts with the citizens. If they would be more responsible, America would not have such a large debt. Also, the government should reduce or cut spending in areas where excessive spending is not necessary.

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