• No more USA

    The USA is a out dated nation that sticks there head in to many nations problems that causes to many problems within her self. Plus the agencies with in the government do not keep our rights given to us by the Constitution. The USA should fall and become a new nation.

  • The Pax Americana

    Unfortunately for my opposition, certain realities require that the United States continue to exist and function as it presently does, neverminding the obviously bitter and pointless nature of the argument "the United States should be dispersed." Those realities are thus.

    - The United States is the world's principal financial hub. Despite recent events which cast a dark cloud over US financial solvency, a tremendous percentage of the world's finances flow through this nation, and investments in US bonds are a bedrock of financial markets.

    - The United States is the world's principal telecommunications hub. A tremendous amount of data flows through the United States, and much of the world's satellite communications systems (including the GPS/NAVISTAR constellation and the Iridium comsats) were launched from the US and are maintained by US ground stations. This communications infrastructure is maintained and regulated in large part by several US government entities, such as FCC and (in the case of SATCOM) NASA. Much of this telecommunications technology and its associated cryptography was and continues to be developed by US Government-funded research.

    - US military "power projection" has an immensely stabilizing influence on international relations. "Pax Americana" -- the American peace -- is terminology for the ability of the threat of US military intervention to greatly reduce the likelihood of a nation acting out in an immensely disruptive way, such as by invading a neighboring nation. It is not a perfect system, to be sure, and its effective power has waned in recent years, and it is not necessarily a winning popularity strategy (the capability of the US to project power in this way is immensely unpopular). Nonetheless, the threat of a US Carrier Task Force and the awesome combined-arms destructive potential it represents has, by its mere presence, served to moderate regimes. A recent example was Syria: threat of intervention by a US naval force positioned offshore immediately brought that nation's regime to the negotiating table, albeit with Russia.

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