Should the United States do more to stop the illegal international marijuana trade?

  • The United States needs to stop illegal international marijuana trade by legalization.

    The illegal marijuana drug trade in the United States has a significant impact through financial and criminal activity. By legalizing marijuana, the United States will eliminate illegal border trade and it's associated criminal activities. Legalized marijuana will also provide a large tax base and reduce the need for specialized law enforcement. The United States has a duty to do more to stop illegal marijuana drug trade. The most financially and criminally beneficial way is to legalize marijuana nationally.

  • Yes, the United States should do more to stop the illegal international marijuana trade.

    The United States should do more to stop the illegal international marijuana trade because there are ways to combat the cartels. For example, legalizing the sale and usage of marijuana allows the government more control of monitoring the sources of marijuana and reduces the incentive for cartels to trade in that area.

  • Legalization Beneficial for Everyone

    It's ridiculous that anything about the marijuana trade is an issue. The United States has decided that alcohol and cigarettes are acceptable. Both of those things are much worse for general health than marijuana. The government spends astronomical amounts of money on criminalizing marijuana, when what they should be doing is legalizing, regulating, and profitting.

  • No, and marijuana should be legalized

    Marijuana is no worse for you than alcohol. It might even be better. It is especially good for those struggling with anxiety disorders. So yeah, we should stop the war on drugs and deal with some real issues, like terrorism, poverty, class differences, racism, sexism, etc. There are plenty of issues.

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