Should the United States drop its sanctions on Cuba?

  • They are a peaceful sovereign country

    They are a peaceful sovereign country who have attacked no-one. Sanctions are an act of war and should be stopped. What gives the USA the right to interfere in another country that has never threatened them. They need to grow up and become a world citizen rather than a bully.

  • I think it is time to drop the sanctions, it is way past due.

    The US sanctions against Cuba have gone on far too long. Most people probably don't even remember or know why they were put in place to begin with. This happened originally in 1962, so it just seems ludicrous to still have them in place. This is a neighbor of ours, a country we could have friendly relations with, do business with. There is just no reason that I know of for this to still be happening.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Hypocrisy at its finest

    I don't know if hypocrisy, oxymoron, non-sequitur or irony applies more, but it's high time the US let's go of it's pretend moral high horse and stop letting bs politics interfere with the market which they claim is above all. There should be much shame in bullying country just because it's close by , stands up for itself despite it's smaller size, and has majority black people

  • The US is at this time doing almost everything that we sanctioned Cuba for!

    The only thing that the US hasn't done (to our knowledge) is shoot one of our citizens for speaking against the government. And that could very well happen with the passing and continuation of the NDAA. We need to stop thinking we are so superior to other counties, we aren't we just have better weapons!

  • The US is at this time i history dong what we are sanctioning Cuba for!

    The only thing that the US hasn't done (to our knowledge) is shooting one of it's citizens for speaking against the government, but it is an absolute possibility with the NDAA. We need to practice what we preach! We have to stop pretending that our country is any better than Cuba we aren't and we may be worse, because they at least have universal health care!

  • The Cold War is over folks

    I find it hugely hypocritical that we continue to deny a sovereign nation normalized relations when we do business with far less savory reputations. For those who bring up what Castro did in the beginning, look at all of the horrifying things Germany, the UK, or even France have done in their time. Move on folks.

  • Is Cuba really a threat today?

    Cuba was hardly a threat during the Cuban missile crisis, they were simply prone to manipulation because they were all impoverished. And now, 52 years later, Cuba is impoverished and their people are unable to import much needed medications, or even really trade with countries that trade with the USA.

  • Stupid old policy

    It has been too long to have such as stupid policy in place. In the modern world to turn our back on such a close neighbor is shameful. We allow travel to Russia, Germany, and Japan. These are countries we have true been at odds with at some point in our history. But hey Cuba is 90 miles from key west...Lets not go there! Saying I can't just makes we want to go more...

  • Drop the embargo!

    We deal with China, a communist country on a daily basis. What seems to be the problem with Cuba? I realize that our country has had many disagreements with Cuba during the 50 plus years of communism, but if we worked together, all mankind would benefit from trade and personal contact. I would like to see relations normalized ASAP.

  • US citizens are not free to travel

    I was born in a communist country and one rights that communists deprived us was free travel.
    By denying its citizens to travel to Cuba, US government is stepping the same path as communists did.
    Allowing travel will do more to bring democracy to this island that decades of embargo’s did.

  • We should not lift the embargo!

    Yes, by lifting the embargo, America would get more jobs and money in more people's pocket, however it would be like giving money to a communist country. If we keep giving money to Cuba then the communist forces would "open the door" a little bit; or in other words give them a bit of a chance to attack the U.S.A. Also, if you think that by giving the Cuban government money, we would be helping the citizens of Cuba, you are sadly mistaken. I highly doubt that the government there would even share the money with its people. By lifting the embargo we would not only harm ourselves but also harm the innocent persons living in Cuba.

  • I oppose dropping sanctions in Cuba and rewarding communism and dictators.

    The Cuban government has routinely broken international sanctions against developing biological weapons, allowing drugs to come through their country heading to America, and harboring American fugitives. Dropping sanctions with Cuba with give the Cuban government more money to continue in these activities. Cuba is also known to oppress its people. No aid should be given to any country which oppresses its citizens.

    Posted by: KourtneyB
  • Keep trade embargo.

    Cuba is one of our closest neighbors, (and not that they pose any real military threat) allowing communism to occur in our neighborhood without any form of action would be demoralizing and possibly detrimental to our prestige as a nation and a superpower. Cuba currently pursues diplomatic relations (some alliances) with enemies of the U.S. Such as North Korea, Venezuela, and China, who are not on the friendliest terms with the U.S. Over the past 50 years Cuba has not shown any substantial motive to undergo a change in leadership, preferably away from Communism. And honestly its not so much the idea of Communism, its the extreme nationalism and oppressive nature that comes with it. People are tortured or killed for fleeing the country or speaking against the government. Although the trade embargo has not reached its goal in the past five decades, it is the precedent that matters. The United States will never stand for violation of human rights, or Communism. Keep the embargo.

  • Keep sanctions active.

    In September of 2004, the Cuban government executed three young black men for trying to come to America. If we drop the sanctions, we will be supporting this type of behavior. We must remember the citizens of Cuba are under a dictatorship, and just because we drop sanctions does not mean that that will change. When I asked my mother, who was 23 when the Cuban Missile Crisis took place, if we should drop the sanctions on Cuba, she said if we do there will be a war. Let Cuba become a respectable country and then lift sanctions.

  • The United States should not drop its sanctions on Cuba because the country still engages in human rights violations

    The United States should not drop its sanctions on Cuba because the country continues to violate human rights. Doing business with Cuba would aid the Cuban economy. The whole point of the embargo is to send a message that the united States does not support Cuba and its government. Trading with the country would send the message that the U.S. tolerates and accepts how the country is run politically.

    Posted by: SandDari
  • I don't believe that we can drop the sanctions because it would encourage the growth of communism.

    If a country like Cuba wants to have relief from sanctions they need to become a part of the world community and drop their communist philosophies. They are pursuing an oppressive form of government that oppresses their people and participates in an alliance with other rogue nations that are operating outside of the mainstream. If they want the benefits of the community they should join the community. The sanctions are intended to encourage them to join the mainstream and they are not only necessary, they are well deserved.

    Posted by: TasticBran
  • I do not think it is time to drop sanctions against Cuba yet because Fidel Castro is still in the picture.

    While dropping sanctions against Cuba will probably happen, as long as Fidel Castro is involved, even behind the scene, I think the United States should be very careful in their handling of Cuba. We have had many years to see what he has wrought and until we are sure that Cuba will be friendly to the United States, the sanctions should stay in place.

    Posted by: R0d0Ferdy
  • The United States should not drop its sanctions in Cuba.

    Cuba is still run by an iron-fisted dictatorship that the United States should cease nearly all dealings with. In the past, all similar situations tend to end badly or worse, in an all out war. Cuba should be left to its own devices while refugees that make their way to American soil should be protected from extradition.

    Posted by: CurvyErich46
  • Hell Nooo

    Don't stop shit. Cuba deserves all their getting!!

  • The United States should not drop any sanctions on Cuba.

    The type of government in Cuba would only be reinforced by the economic benefits that they would reap by dropping sanctions. Many families coexist in both the United States and Cuba and the large influx of visitors and US dollars would give the government much needed funds to support their repressive way of life.

    Posted by: R0d30Pinc

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