Should the United States eliminate its own weapons of mass destruction?

  • If a super power like the United States we're to destroy its W.M.D it would prove that they serve only as a threat.

    There are only destruction to the earth and civilians with W.M.D. A small nuclear weapon would kill at least 100,000 people. There are countless things these weapons can do to harm the earth, and most of them aren't even going to be used. Why have them on standby where there can be a malfunction or some misunderstanding and be the destruction of what we've been trying to make.

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  • Why do they keep theirs if we have to get rid of ours?

    It doesn't seem to be fair that the US can ask other countries to get rid of their weapons and not get rid of their own. It's like telling a child they can't have candy before dinner, and then you have some yourself. Why are there weapons of mass destruction in the hands of a country that wants to keep them for themselves. What if an accident happens and the weapons are set off, destroying the US? Do they even think about all of the dangerous things that could go wrong? Why is keeping dangerous weapons even legal?

  • We should get rid of WMDs

    Even under tight security, weapons of mass destruction can accidentally kill millions of people. The US should not risk its own population from an accidental launch or leak of WMD.
    Weapons of mass destruction can be stolen or sold and used against the United States.
    Elimination of its WMD would give the United States great authority to require that other nations destroy their WMD as well. Getting rid of American WMD would be a good example to nations around the world to disarm.
    America’s WMD could kill billions of people around the world and destroy the ecosystem-the risk of this devastation is too great to trust the American leaders.
    The United States often sells weapons to other nations, and these weapons can later fall into the wrong hands. If the United States gets rid of its weapons there will be fewer weapons in the hands of other nations as well.
    Getting rid of WMD would bring the United States into compliance with international treaties on disarmament (see the UN page at

  • We Shouldn't Hold Nuclear Weapons

    I am going to assume we are referring to the United States arsenal of nuclear weapons. I do believe we should eliminate ours and then ask other countries and hopefully the whole world to do the same. I believe it is wrong of our government to ask other countries to stop producing or holding the same items we are.

  • Yes, if it's calling on others to do that.

    There seems to be something weird about only a few countries, the United States among them, being "allowed" to have nuclear weapons of mass destruction. Who decided this? If the US is calling upon other nations to give up their weapons, then it should be ready to do the same in defense of fairness.

  • No, what a shitty plan!

    Currently no one would ever agree to give up all their nuclear weapons. Do you see the crisis in North Korea? Is Kim Jong Un gonna give up his nuclear program? Probably not. There is no way to tell if they are producing new nuclear weapons, and they probably will still keep some of their weapons. Doing this would be suicidal.

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  • We Should Keep them

    If we get rid of them then other countries will think that they can just bomb us and that it would be okay to attack. Its safety for the people its just common sense. So that's my Argument i think we should keep our Weapons of mass destruction Honestly :)

  • We should destroy our WoMD

    • If we decreased the amount of WoMD, the U.S. would create many more of other types of weapons, which would encourage other nations to do the same
    • Leaders are wary about using weapons of mass destruction except in the worst of times
    • Our allies would worry that they could no longer rely on us for protection if need be,
    • If other countries attack us with WoMD, we don’t have any WoMD to fight back

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