• Yes, we should.

    Yes, I think that we should encourage Asian immigration. Many people from many Asian countries are very talented and could potentially bring a lot to the table. Skilled immigrants are desired and useful to the United States. We could use more entrepreneurs and intelligent, hard working people in this country.

  • Encourage all immigrants

    The US should encourage all immigrants, not just Asian immigrants to the US. Immigration ensures that a population will have the best and brightest of the world in its borders, and allowing many people who would work hard and take risks just for the chance at a better life is something worth having.

  • Yes they should.

    I think if the US encouraged the immigration of Asian Americans it can help put us on better terms with other countries and show that we are willing to let people of all races in and can make friends with any country as long as they show us the same respect.

  • The United States should encourage Asian American immigration.

    The United States should encourage Asian American immigration. There would be nothing wrong with this and here in the United States we are free people. They should invite anyone who wishes to come here the right to do so. I think that it would be up to the President to extend the hand of immigration.

  • We don't need to encourage it.

    I have absolutely nothing against Asain American immigration into the United States, but with all our issues with unemployment and the economy, it doesn't seem like we should be encouraging immigration from anywhere. I think we need to figure out how to handle the country with who we have as of now first.

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