• Yes We Should

    I believe the United States should end the War on Terror. I believe the War on Terror is too broad and should be redacted. As a country we will not be able to end all terror, that possibility will always exist and we shouldn't chase goals that can't be accomplished.

  • Yes we whould.

    The United States of America should end the War on Terror. While the United States should keep our guard up, we need to pull our troops out of the Middle East. We accomplished what we wanted to do when we went there and now it is time for them to come home.

  • Yes, the United States most definitely should end the War on Terror

    The United States needs to focus more on the problems faced by the American people and stop the War on Terror. Both Hussein and Bin Laden are dead now and we are still occupying both countries. We need to stop spending money over seas and spend money back at home. There is no need to be over there anymore.

  • Yes, the United States should end the war on terror

    The War on Terror was started so rashly and without real evidence that it is astounding that it is still going on today. It has been such and expensive and bloody war without an real benefits to any participating party. There has been no evidence that it stopped any terrorism from happening or will stop any in the future.

  • Terrorism is not something you see on tv.

    First of all I don't know if any of you have seen terrorism first hand but it lives up to its name. It is gruesome, horror and death. The fact that you people can allow innocent people to die with no backlash is in incredible. Let's remember that 9/11 took 3300 innocent people from us and in 2014 a total of 32,658 people worldwide were killed because of terrorism alone. The fact is that the war on terriosim is not a US problem it's a world problem but weak leaders like Barack Obama let this to continue. So I'm extremely disappointed if you said we should end this war because you have no humanity.

  • There should never be an end to a war on terror.

    The United States should not end the War or Terror. This is because if we don't fight against it, terror will always win over us. Our government needs to protect the citizens of our country and the land as well if we ever want to be safe in our own backyards.

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