• Guest worker program should be improved

    The GW Program should be improved. Too many companies are exploiting the program and the people involved. It may not need to include more new vises but fix the corruption that exists. Also I should be expanded to include those who are already here working illegally. The US has to take responsibility for the fact that we have created a need in Latin America for people to seek jobs elsewhere. NAFTA! CAFTA!

  • Guest worker program should be expanded.

    When you expand guest worker programs, you tend to get the most creative, best, and brightest from all over the world in your country. Not only that, it gives the United States a chance to let people see us for who we really are and not all of these silly stereotypes.

  • In Specialized Fields

    I believe the United States should expand its guest worker program. I believe this is most important for our health care fields because we do not have enough doctors to care for the number of patients we have. I believe this program should only be expanded for positions that we need it for.

  • Guest worker program serves no purpose expanding

    Expanding the guest worker program in the United States to me would really be a bad idea. Employment in the US is still not strong and stable for citizens, and the guest worker program really does not do anything to promote that at all. So expanding it would serve no patriotic purpose for anyone.

  • There are people here who need work.

    The United States should not expand its guest worker program because there are enough people in the United States who want jobs that cannot find them. The market will adjust and offer workers harder wages to do farm work. With a growing problem of illegal immigration, the United States should find a way to regulate them before bringing in more.

  • This program has led to exploitation.

    The United States is not in any dire need to expand its guest worker program. Our current guest worker programs are used primarily by Silicon Valley tech companies to exploit workers from overseas, paying them Third World wages while they are here. Stand up for American workers, and limit the guest worker program.

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