Should the United States federal government substantially increase its economic engagement toward Cuba, Mexico and/or Venezuela?

  • We Should Increase

    Cuba has 59 Special Economic zones, 21 of which are currently under contract to 7 different companies, including Norwegian, Russian, Spanish, Indian, Brazilian and Malaysian companies. Special Economic zones are geographical regions that are designed to export goods and provide employment. In the U.S, we consume more oil than we can produce, so we import a lot of oil. Because of our embargo on Cuba, we are unable to contract any of these Special Economic zones.
    Staying on the topic of oil, another reason we should increase economic engagement is that Cuba lacks up-to-date drilling supplies. Also, most of their offshore reserves are by the northern part of the island. With their old drills and equipment, there is a greater chance of an oil spill. The oil would reach Florida soon after, and many sea creatures would die. If we don't engage with them, we will be directly affected.

  • On the subject of Cuba

    The United States should increase economic engagement with Cuba by amending the Cuban Embargo to allow limited and spill-related communications with the U.S.
    Cuba has a lot of oil surrounding its northern hemisphere and they will inevitably drill for this oil. Unfortunetly, they lack the necessary up-to-date technology and the communications needed to prevent a spill from occuring due to the embargo. A spill that would happen there would wash up to the Florida coast within six days putting at risk Florida's $60 billion tourism and fishing industries. Therefore the United States federal government SHOULD substantially increase its economic engagement toward Cuba.

  • The increase would be mutually beneficial to all parties involved.

    The United States could gain better economic standings with Mexico, Cuba, and Venezuela. These Central and South American nations have been struggling with political corruption, anti-American views, and organized crime over the past fifty years, within the last few years however, these nations have gone through changes. These changes have opened up their peoples to ideas of working with the United States. More economic engagements with Mexico and Cuba could be based on NAFTA and lifting the embargo on Cuba. Venezuela has become a top oil producer for the United States and an increase in economic engagement would be mutually beneficial.

  • On the subject of Cuba:

    The United States has an economic embargo on Cuba. However, a lift of this embargo would be mutually beneficial for both countries. Cuba has a history of oceanic oil spills. They don't have the experience or technology to efficiently clean up future spills. The U.S. Is the closest country to Cuba that have both of these components. Lifting the embargo would allow the U.S. To help Cuba with this problem, as well as open up trade between the countries and allow American citizens to send mail and packages to their Cuban relatives.

  • Economic Boost All Around.

    The economies of Cuba, Mexico, and Venezuela are in bad shape. If the USA has the means to aid them, then they should do it. Yes, there is a risk of hurting our own economy, but I see that as a very small risk. I see a strong US economy, a Cuban trade agreement, and strengthened Latin American economies, as well as the world economy. Think of it as icing on the cake.

  • Trade = Jobs and economic growth in the U.S. and Mexico

    Trading with Mexico, or with other Latin American countries will increase economic growth in both countries which can stop illegal immigration and grow both countries. Also, Mexican and American goods can be beneficial to consumers, because NAFTA eliminates tariffs and creates jobs. From 1994 to 2013, over 7 million jobs have been created in the U.S. Many Mexicans hope to see trade increase, as Mexico is our biggest trading partner. Building stronger relations with our developing neighbor will also be important in the future. Trade has been very successful and will continue to be in the future, and will benefit America, and our neighbor Mexico, greatly in the future.

  • Illegal immigrants problem

    Some Mexicans illegally immigrate to the us. We can stop them from coming here illegally if they get jobs in Mexico. They can get jobs in Mexico if we start trading with Mexico so the economy expands and jobs are created. This is how trading with Mexico can stop illegal immigrants.

  • The United States should substantially increase its economic engagement in certain Latin American countries.

    Yes,the United States should substantially increase its economic engagement toward Cuba,Mexico and Venezuela.The world is getting smaller and smaller because of technology and it's natural that larger capitalistic countries would be obligated to be interested in the economic affairs of smaller countries that may not have the same economic resources..

  • Cuba is politically unstable and in violation of multiple Human Rights laws

    The Declaration of Human Rights clearly states that human beings have the right to democracy, the freedom of expression (implying the freedom of speech), the right to seek a safe place to live, no torture and the right to a nationality (since they refuse to let many Cubans to leave to America). Cuba (and I am a second-generation Cuban-American) is abusing its people, putting love of country over love of yourself, it has exiled hundreds, thousands, millions, and claims their possessions "for Cuba." The United States CANNOT afford to fund a country as politically unsound, as ANTI-AMERICAN as Cuba.

  • It isn't the Us job to support them

    The us has enough of its own problems. Why should we get nvolved in other countries problems whenever we cant even support our selves?
    With the us economy downgrading as quick and drastically as it is... Should we tie oursleves in ewith the other countries who cant support themselves? Why shoulkd the us have to be the backbone of their nation?

  • On the subject of Cuba and Mexico

    Lifting the embargo on Cuba could increase terrorism and drug smuggling/trade. It can also create national security problems because Cuba is anti-American. Mexico is right along the border of the US. If they wanted to attack us, they could and we wouldn't know and we would be unprepared. Therefore, they could have a chance to take over the US.

  • I don't agree

    Hugo Chavez has openly informed the US of his non-supportive action towards the US. Though he is dead, his successor was taught by Hugo to hate the US . They seized a war prison that was build in World War II and the US has not made any action to recover it.

  • Hugo Chavez alive

    I believe that Chavez effect on may be a bad thing for our economy. Because not only does he control everything from drugs to export but he controls an army and forces his subjects to a high tax on imports and exports. So while we may gain money from exports we are only pumping more money into they're economy and into his control. Hugo Chavez's father was not much better because he controlled with fear the people of venenzuela.Http://www.Indexmundi.Com/venezuela/economy_profile.Html

  • Why should we?

    We can't even clean up our own economy. Come on, we elected Obama, found out that his birth certificate was falsified, and then elected him AGAIN!!!! We need to clean up our own backyard before we worry about anyone else on the block. If we don't, and we go to help them out, it will make our economy even WORSE.

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