Should the United States federal, state, or local government restrict the fundraising options of Evangelical churches?

  • It is American

    Private fundraising and charity in general is inherently the American way, and all levels of government should respect this. Church funding of charities and other projects is far, far older and more storied than government assistance of the poor or otherwise needy, and it has been done effectively for hundreds of years.

  • Yes, the United States government should restrict the fundraising options of Evangelical churches.

    I agree the government should restrict the fundraising options of Evangelical churches. I have attended an Evangelical church many times in my life, and I see how they abuse their non-profit status.The Pastors of these churches commonly use their position to spread their political ideals and encourage people to support their candidates. I would have no problem with churches remaining non-profit and tax exempt if they would stay out of the political process.

  • I'm against breaches of freedom.

    The government already takes enough of our freedoms away, there is no need for it to breach our rights anymore. Why would the government be limiting fund raising options? This literally does not make any sense unless the government wants to steal some of the profits. I am 100 percent against this.

  • Everyone Must Follow Rules

    Evangelical churches can raise funds however they like just like any other companies and individuals. As long as these groups follow the law like everyone else, the government shouldn't restrict fundraising options any further. Obviously, churches can't misrepresent themselves to fundraisers. However, Evangelical churches should be able to earn money how they see fit.

  • They are non-profits.

    No, the United States government and its subsidiaries should not restrict the fundraising options of the Evangelical churches, because the government should not be persecuting or trying to shut down religion. The U.S. government should not pick winners and losers when it comes to non-profit organizations or religion. They have a right to raise funds for their operations.

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