Should the United States fully trust the leadership in the Middle East?

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  • No, probably more to the point would be the creation of a nuclear free Middle East.

    What if this deal causes nuclear weaponization, rather than hindering it? I'm not just talking about Iran using the deal to rest, recharge, recuperate and then later make a mad-dash for the Bomb when it's in better shape to do so. I'm also talking about fearful non-nuclear neighbors of Iran, like Saudi Arabia, quickly running to Pakistan to acquire bombs because they feel the deal makes Iranian nuclearization inevitable. Even Turkey might decide to pursue nuclear weapons if they see Iran going nuclear.

  • The USA should not trust middle eastern leadership

    The USA should not trust middle eastern leadership. This is because the religious makeup of the countries tend to be out of sync with American mainstream religion and ideals. There are a lot of people that hate the USA and would rather see it fail. The USA should have a guarded relationship with the leaders in the Middle East.

  • There are a number of conflicting interests in the Middle East.

    Many countries in the Middle East have leaderships who are first and foremost self-serving and will only pursue good relations with the United States so long as it serves their economic and political interests. In addition to this, human rights abuses even in countries friendly to the United States are often downplayed by the leadership of these countries. The United States should look for further information before taking these claims at face value.

  • Leadership in the Middle East is not trustworthy

    The historical pattern of leadership in the Middle East shows an unstable array of dictators and controlling forces. The United States has to be very cautious in forming alliances and trusting world powers from this part of the world. There are many cultural differences and past grievances that interfere with relationships between the United States and the Middle East.

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