Should the United States get involved in foreign affairs?

  • People often forget

    Not all involvement in foreign affairs is combat. In fact, we aid so many countries with no violence at all! I'm doing research on this very topic for a school report, and it turns out that we spend less than 1% on foreign aid each year. Yes, we have our own problems, but how can we refuse to help our fellow humans? Also remember the golden rule: if we refuse to help others, who will want to help us?

  • We are supporters of the free people. We MUST help Ukraine

    We are the leaders of the free world. It is our duty to defend the rights of the person and help people in need. Did we just stand aside when the Germans were invading Europe? NO! Do we just stand aside and let lives of innocent citizens be tossed aside like rag dolls? If we allow chaos and fear rule the lives of innocents are we any better than those who prosecute them? Will we hide like cowards afraid for our own well being? Is the great United States of America The land of the free and THE HOME OF THE BRAVE? Are we so surrounded by self wants and self protection that we toss away the lives of the others that do not get a choice? Are we afraid to get into more debt? Is that why we are not fighting for them? Since when is a human person's life not worth the trouble of protecting? Are we valuing human life below money? If that is so I do not believe in the united states anymore. We would not truly be worth calling the land of the free and the home of the brave.

  • The US is a global police force, needs to be involved.

    We no longer live in a world where the question is "should the US get involved" it is "when will the US get involved. When we dropped that bomb on Hiroshima we decided to take culpability for the world at large. We owe it to the world around us to maintain the role of global police.

  • The United States has to much going on to be putting its nose in others problems.

    The U.S has to many problems and your worried about dealing with others problems but yet you cant even fix your own. How are you going to fix others problems before you can fix your own problems in your on area. We need are money and military but yet the U.S keeps sending them to places they don't even need to be.

  • We are currently in 134 wars and approx. 18trillion in debt

    I think that we done so much to help other countries out but we can only do so much before where out of options and We should focus on just us for right now and only deal with problems directly relating towards the united states. Why don't other countries do something about it? Just cause were the biggest and best nation doesn't mean we have to solve everybody's problems

  • What about our own problems.

    I understand that its important to build allies and such but sometimes is see at unnecessary. We're not perfect in our country anyways, shouldn't we pull back a little and handle situations directly affecting us. Its alright to have a defense ready to go, but we don't need to always be the first to get involved with other countries problems.

  • US Needs To Take Care Of Itself

    I do not believe the United States should be as involved in foreign affairs as we have been in the past. The United States has earned a reputation of playing big brother to the rest of the world. We do not know what we are doing, better than any other country.

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