• If we invade Syria it is only fair that we come to the rescue of Congo as well

    Government soldiers kill and rape innocent women and children. The rebels are also alleged to have done the same, but they say this is just government propaganda. But the fact that rebels in Syria have been alleged to use chemical weapons and have been seen forcing Christians to convert at gun point and Obama is ignoring that says that to be consistent we have to do the same with Congo and ignore anything their rebels are doing.

    Just to be fair Obama should at least be arming the rebels in Congo to help them against their government just as he has been arming rebels in Syria. No need to think about it or ask who these rebels are or what their aims are, afterall some of the rebels in Syria are Al Qaeda and Obama is still giving money to the rebels.

  • No, we are too extended.

    No, the United States should not get involve din the Congolese Civil War, because it is unfair for the United States to take sides in every conflict. The United States should not be dictating to other countries what their governments should be. It leads to a great deal of resentment with other countries.

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