Should the United states get rid of Middle school. And high school be 7th grade-12th grade age 12-18?

  • With a caveat

    We Americans also need to rid ourselves of the imperial system and switch to metric.
    Switch the school year system to be more year around we have a two and half month break, Which has been proven reduces how much a student retains.
    Also we should adapt a six day school week.

    I also believe we need to pay our teachers much more.

  • Yes they should

    In Australia high school is year 7-12
    7th and 8th grader will get more freedom.
    12 to 14 year olds will get more freedom.
    There will be no more Freshman-Senior names for high school and replace by 9th-12th.
    Only college will have Freshman-Senior. So yeah it good idea. Anyway this is my opinion.

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