Should the United States government be more strict with Facebook and privacy policies?

  • There are really inappropriate things that kids do and watch. :(

    Kids should avoid doing these things and watching them. I think it's bad for these people because they could be scarred for life or maybe even do it.I think it's time for things to change around the world internet. Not only for kids, but for adults, too. A LOT needs to change. Thanks for reading. PEACE

  • Facebook Violates freedom of speech and due process of Law

    Facebook is violating constitutional right to free speech and are judge, jury, and sentencer like a government, but they deny the people due process and will not tell you anything about why you ate blocked when you have done nothing wrong. Facebook acts like they are their own government over their own country

  • Yes, In This Instance The Govt. Should Step In

    I don't like the government getting involved in the Internet in general, because it usually means more intrusion and less privacy for users. But in the case of runaway giants like Facebook, and certain advertisers, it's the other way around. When the money is in doing the immoral thing, there needs to be a law to stop it. Especially in a case like Facebook, where while you can refuse to agree to its policies, there is significant social pressure from friends, bosses, and professors to join in.

  • Facebook Privacy?

    Yes, the US Government should be stricter with Facebook and privacy policies. Facebook has gotten so large that no one really knows for sure just how invasive it’s become. Those of you on Facebook know that once you’ve logged in, Facebook recognizes you regardless what internet page you go to. And it acts like it’s got a mind of its own sometimes when you’re on a totally unrelated page after you’ve logged out. The government needs to step in and demand that Facebook reveal it’s privacy polocies to it’s members.

  • Yes the US government should be more strict with privacy polices on Facebook

    People who have accounts on Facebook should be able to do so, knowing their information is not going to be given out to others for uses they may not consent to, or without having to fear that a picture or comment they post is going to be seen by the wrong person and get them into trouble. If this is the land of the free, Facebook should be an example of that, not a exception to the rule.

  • Let Facebook Decide

    Government does not exist to tell private companies what privacy measures they should or should not take. This is particularly true of a government that literally monitors every single cell phone call and every single piece of internet activity of its own citizens and the citizens of many foreign countries as well.

  • The Government shouldn't be involved in Facebook and privacy policies

    The government should not be involved in any way with Facebook and privacy policies. Facebook is a private entity with its own rules and regulations and should not be governed by the government. People have the option to read the policies and decide on their own if they wish to participate in Facebook according to it's policies.

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