Should the United States government build a fully functional Death Star?

Asked by: trainiac12
  • We need to defend ourselves from the rebel scum

    Those other planets are getting annoying and we need to put a stop to these planets and their plots. We need to keep the country safe from this galactic rebellion. This will save us from the rebel scum and the plots they form to converge on our star fleets. I support this completely.

  • Solution both unemployment rate and intergalactic terrorism

    Yes finally someone else who sees it like me. The Death Star is needed by the US and there are several benefits to this. Number one, building the death star is going to need like at least 600,000 plus people to help build and maintain it so unemployment rates are going to decrease significantly. Number two, no terrorist would ever mess with us cause if they did, we would wipe their section of the world of the map. Also it stops overpopulation cause some people could live in there.

  • Helps solve unemployment

    The Death Star would create 1.7 million jobs even after construction is done including 243,000 person crew. Plus in 2100 there is supposed to be 11 billion people. We need to get off the earth and live in the much less crowded which is bigger then the moon. Plus we we'll be galactic tyrants USA! USA!

  • Too much power

    Why in the world would there be a need to destroy an entire planet, its madness. If the threat of aliens arose then maybe after a long assesment of the situation we could consider a death star if we were in mortal danger. But really, the world cant handle that much power and would destroy ourselves, let alone give that to one nation.

  • What the crap!?

    Mankind can't even handle how to be responsible with our current weapons, how then can we be responsible enough to handle a deathstar!? If people already feel that they have "power" with a gun, and with that "power" they begin to act a little more boldly and foolishly, then what more with a deathstar!? The country with the biggest guns already picks on the weaker countries, the deathstar would just make us galactic tyrants.

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Ragnar says2013-06-09T18:29:12.060
Answers should be placed into: http://www.Debate.Org/opinions/should-the-united-states-government-build-a-fully-functional-death-star where the question is spelled better.