• Yes they should.

    The United States needs to do more to help students who are pursing and trying to get a high education. People complain this country isn't able to do anything for themselves yet no one has done anything to actually fix the issues. We need people to work towards gaining a higher education and we need the governments help for this.

  • Yes, The threat from big student loans

    The federal government should stop making profits from student loans.More and more low-income and middle-income students just can’t afford to pay the high cost of college. Low income students need Financial aid so that they continue their study. Reducing the burden of student debt on existing borrowers by letting them refinance their loans during this period of historically low
    interest rates

  • Yes, the U.S.A. should lower student loan rates.

    I think that it would be a good idea for the U.S.A. to see what they can do to help students get a lower loan rate. Those willing to better themselves should not be punished for it. The government should figure out a way to help such individuals to makes sure that they can pay the loans on a fair program.

  • No, because they cannot.

    The United States government cannot do anything to lower student loan rates because if they do there will be even more outrage about the budget and about where it is heading. Education is important, but there is no way that the government can do this because it will hurt our economy.

  • The government should stay out

    The United States government should stay out of the student loan business. That is one of the biggest reasons that college tuition is so high, is because the government is in the loan business. Let the private market take control and the loan rates will be good. Students will like this very much.

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