Should the United States government officially recognize a day or event commemorating and condemning the Rodney King incident?

  • Yes awareness needed

    Yes, there should be because too many cops are going bad now a days. This was the first really brutal over usage of the cops power of treating people any kind of way. The cops were extremely corrupt. They are getting out of hand it should be called awareness of the victims of police brutality.

  • No, the USA should not commemorate and condemn the Rodney King incident.

    The USA should not waste any time commemorating and condemning the Rodney King incident. It is not something that was an important part of America's history, nor was it something that affected a lot of the citizens. I think that the USA should instead focus on more important issues and subjects.

  • Rodney King incident.

    I think that it could be recognized but I don't think a whole day should be dedicated, I mean we have people that give their lives being police officers, fbi agents, cia agents, dea agents and so on and they dont get a day commemorating them when they are the people who protect us.

  • No the Rodney King event should not be recognized by the federal government.

    The LA Riots, also known at the Rodney King Riots, should not be commemorated with a federal holiday. The events in South Central Los Angeles after the acquittal of the police officers filmed beating Rodney King are a sad reflection on the community of South-Central and the California justice system.

  • No, the United States should not make a Rodney King day of any sort.

    The Rodney King verdict was such a controversy that it started a riot. I would also like to point out that Rodney King was not a good guy or innocent victim. Yes, the police went way overboard on the beating however, King was also later arrested for drug possession. In fact, he has a pretty long record of criminal activity and, if he hadn't been so severely beaten, would probably still be in jail.

    Having a commemorative day for a living person is also a bad idea and sets a bad precedent for every person who fells wronged as having some sort of special day for themselves.

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