• Yes, nations with high numbers of guns have higher numbers of deaths by guns.

    Yes, each year large numbers of guns are sold and purchased in the United States. These guns often fall in the wrong hands and lead to murders and other killings, including suicide and accidental death. The way to reduce these deaths is to eliminate guns. This can be accomplished through more anti-gun legislation.

  • The US goverment should pass more anti-gun leislation.

    The United States of America is one of the only developed nation to have an issue with mass shootings. I find this issue very disconcerting, not only are these deaths harmful on their own, these shootings spread fear through the United States. Stricter laws would protect us and make us feel safer.

  • More accessible guns means more deaths caused by them

    If people didn't have access to guns in the first place, they wouldn't feel the need to have them to protect themselves - non trained people being in possession of guns also leads to fatal accidents. It is absurd how available guns are in the us in the first place.

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  • Gun violence is rampant in the country.

    It has become commonplace that people are dying at the hands of gun violence. Many of the shooters have no criminal history or no documented history of mental illness. The ability for anyone with a clean history to receive a weapon means that many people can commit acts of murder as a first offense.

  • No more anti-gun laws

    No more anti-gun laws should be passed because the American people need to protect themselves. Criminals will always have access to guns, so good people need to be able to defend themselves. What happened in France and what is happening in Europe with migrant crises would not be happening if the citizens had rights to guns.

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  • Constitution, Bill of Rights, 2nd Ammendment.

    It is an American right to keep and bear arms for personal defense, sport shooting, or simply for collecting. I do not care what the libtards say about not having guns. If they believe it's such a bad thing, they can simply not own one. Simple as that. But it is a proven fact in the USA, that states with higher gun ownership rates have a generally lower crime rate. Lets look at Switzerland too: Practically everybody there owns a firearm and it's got the lowest crime rates on the entire globe. That is undenyable.

  • Not Antigun But...

    More gun regulation, not outright bans. Annual psych evaluations for all, close gunshow loopholes, safety and proper handling training, background checks, do not allow those living with mentally ill to own guns, or at least outlaw them on the premises. Don't ban, that just makes it a black market commodity.

  • Apparently people would rather have their lives dictated to them.

    Seems people forget that firearms pose as protection against more than petty criminals. Sometimes a simple criminal can be dispatched with a low-grade weapon. But what happens when that criminal is the government? A mass entity, accessed to innumerable technological war weapons, and inherits the loyalty of a certain portion of the people. In that case, the only force to resist would be the militia who desires to oppose said tyranny, armed by the weapons privileged to them by society. So when that society chooses to forcefully strip gun owners of their defense, a wonderful opportunity appears for a society and its government to seize control over the public mind frame and to delude it into something rather repulsive.

    Gun control saves no one; it is simply a precursor to manipulation.

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