• Fix things here

    Yes, I do think that we need to go ahead and back out of Egypt, and start our focus on things here at home, since we have a whole lot of problems though the national debt and other things that we need to work on and get fixed really fast.

  • No, foreign aid is only 2% of the budget

    Despite popular opinion, foreign aid accounts for only 2% of the U.S. budget. That's a small price to pay for projecting our power in the world. If we're going to make budget cuts, let's save a billion dollars or so by cutting the bloated defense budget. For example, we could easily do with one less aircraft carrier and save about a billion dollars.

  • Reduce forgein aid to egypt ?

    I don't believe that reducing foreign aid to egypt would help anyone because if you remove the help its going to cause problems and if you keep it , it wont make any changes for the united states. We will be in the same situation regardless of what we do for other countries.

  • foreign aid to Egypt

    In a dramatic shift toward a major Arab ally, the Obama administration announced a suspension of significant military aid to Egypt on Wednesday over the bloody crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood.The move, involving hundreds of millions in U.S. Assistance to the Egyptian military, is the culmination of months of debate within the administration about how to respond to the July 3 ouster of former President Mohamed Morsy, Egypt's first democratically elected leader.

  • Absolutely Not, It Shouldn't

    The United States government should not reduce aid to Egypt at all. First of all, Egypt is the only Middle East Nation that we have a comprehensive military treaty with. Throwing that out the window reduces our potential sphere of influence with potential new leaders. That aid is a bargaining chip and a form of leverage. It would be stupid to throw it away.

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