Should the United States have a three child policy?

Asked by: jjohnmusic11
  • It would help blend America.

    There are many people out there who would benefit from this, due to it would begin to remove the majority vs minority mind set. It would also help remove the strain that the support networks for lower income families. If we have less people then we would need less of these programs.

  • That would only hurt our statistics.

    The United States is becoming overrun by immigrants and the white population is quickly headed toward becoming the minority.
    I'm not advocating white power, or any racism among that, but it will be impossible to keep control on the number of children undocumented immigrants can have, and then limit the number of children that our legal citizens can have.
    Non-white children under the age of 5 represent 39% of our nation's population. If we limit the white (and black) population, and then allow the illegal population to continue growing, we will only hurt our statistics, and create an even unsafer environment.

  • One word: WHY?

    If the us has this policy then how would we keep our population up? Two parents and two kids is fine, but what if the parents want more than two, or more than three? Think about it: does a three child policy seem reasonable to you? So I vote no.

  • Violates the rights of people

    Trying to control whether or not people have children is a clear violation of human rights and that is not okay. Reproducing is a basic human right and it is not something the government should have any control of, no matter the circumstances. Having control over people having children is a slippery slope, and what may start as a population control rule could lead to once again to people being forcibly sterilized, and frankly that scares me.

  • No, but kind of

    I believe a normal American citizen should be able to have as many children as they want, but if you can not afford a child or have to go on welfare you really should wait and there should be a limit of children on welfare recipients. It is not okay to live off of the government.

  • No however the responsibility of providing for the children should lie solely on the shoulders of the parents.

    The choice of having how many children is the decision of the parents not the gov't. By the same token, the responsibility of providing for the children should also be that of the parents, not the gov't. People should not be receiving subsidization such as food stamps, cash assistance, CHIP, Medicaid, Section 8, free lunches. The parents need to pay for all their children's food, health and shelter.

  • Illegal Immigrants Could Take Over

    According to CNSNews.Com, the amount of illegal immigration is declining. Having no three child policy in the USA should help with that. Illegal immigrants generally come from less developed countries where the average number of births a woman gives is high. There are still many families in the USA that have more than three children and having that policy would give the percentage of illegal immigrants in the USA to grow.

  • Overpopulation in the United States is far from a problem.

    The United States has a population that is steadily increasing at best, most of this increase comes from immigrants entering our country, not from the citizens having children. Enforcing this policy would decrease the population for a country that is already struggling to increase the current amount of people residing within it.

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