Should the United States have an official language?

  • It Already Has One

    The USA already has an official language; English. Just about every country (besides us of course) is taught English in grade school. There are a lot of different cultures and races now in the US, but originally it was the English. If people want to come to the US legally, great. But flat out, cruel or not, white people invaded first, claimed the country, and spoke English. Our country should not accommodate to other languages, as we would accommodate to foreign languages if we chose to move to another country.

  • English should be the official language.

    It only makes sense, because its the most widely used international language anyway. Makes it easier for employers who want to hire competent workers. It's party of our culture and identity. We are descendants of an Anglo-Saxon heritage and must remember what our founding fathers fought for in the American Revolutionary War. We mustn't let illegal immigration be a factor in destroying that national identity that we hold so dearly.

  • yes we should.

    If they come to our country they should have to know our language! We do not go to their country and demand them to speak English! So there for the should at least have a basic outline of how to speak English even if its not fluent the least little bit counts!

  • Come on! Be realistic

    A persons culture is something that does not depend on the language you speak to a store clerk! If you wish to live in the United States accept that. We are a country that welcomes peoples diversity BUT we have taught English in our schools from the get go. There needs to be some give and take. If you speak another language in your home or when conversing with family or friends then because you live in America, that is your choice, but we are a united country and one of the things that keeps us together despite our differences is our ability to communicate with each other.

  • Unity and Symbolism

    Many of the arguments I've read against having English as the official language can be re-construed as arguments in favor of it. The diversity of culture and opinion in the US has been one of it's founding principles, but coupled with that has been the coming together and uniting of different groups into a unified people. We the people, can most representative of a "People" by having the common thread of language and the ideological exchange that precipitates.

    Another argument against this is that few if any real policies will be changed by an "Official English" designation, that this is nothing by a symbolic move. Symbols are important, though, in defining a national identity, especially at the Federal level. The symbolism of a nation that can come together linguistically, but very importantly without necessarily sacrificing cultural differences, is an important aspect of the American Ideal. We are One Nation, built from the dreams of the "poor...Hungry...Huddled masses." The symbolism does not necessitate that anyone give up their cultural heritage, only ask that they realize the dream they set out for when coming to the US. To participate with other cultures and ideas, by learning a common language.

    As written, "Official English" policies generally don't necessitate any major changes in the day to day business of the Federal Government. States will still be free to offer information and vital services via translators or foreign language documents. Individuals will be free to speak any language they wish at home, in their neighborhoods, and among friends. Official English simply implores those who actually wish to participate in the American Experiment, to put forth the effort to do so, by coming together with the majority of other Americans in a common speech.

    Finally, the lynch pin to an effective "Official English" policy would be education. Both at the youth and adult levels, there is a dire need to provide the opportunity for individuals to become fluent. English as a Second Language, or English as a Foreign Language programs are a necessity to helping those who wish to maximize the American Experience. Linguistic ostracism, via educational barriers does no service to the individual, community, or the nation, and every opportunity should be allowed for immigrants and visitors to learn English, whether it is declared the official language of the US, or not.

  • It is necessary for efficient commerce.

    Anyone who has been in the situation where it is necessary to communicate with someone who does not speak English can attest to the troubles it creates. As a member of the insurance and investment industry, I can give several accounts as to the detriment a significant language barrier creates. Day to day transactions that should be simple become difficult tasks without a common means of communication. Without an official language we are left to cater to any language that takes a stand within our borders. Although I do advocate the learning of other languages for those who are interested, there needs to be a common ground in the first place.

  • The United States needs an official language.

    The United States is a melting pot. How do we "melt" into one country if we have different languages and thus language barriers among us? In order to be united, we need to have a common way to understand one another. This does not mean that each culture should not be able to practice his/her own cultural traditions. In fact, the common language will allow us to share our own origins with one another. A common language allows the "melting" in our melting pot of a nation.

    The lack of a common language divides us from within.

  • English should be declared the official language of the United States

    The United States is made up of many diverse peoples with origins from all over the world. Despite this, they have traditionally been able to come together and become American. One of the most important things that made this possible was the adoption of the English language. English is the American common language and allows all Americans, whatever their background, to communicate and share ideas with each other. The United States should encourage this tradition by making English officially the national language.

  • YES, the U.S. should have an official language

    I believe the United States should have an official language. There are too many languages and cultures here, and people should start to learn the English language in order to live here. When you go to other Countries you have to learn the language, why not here as well? It really doesn't make sense.

  • English should be our official language.

    Our country was founded by the British Empire, And it used to be a British colony. We should honor our "mother country". We need to have an official language, Most other countries have official and second languages, While we do not even have an official. English is the most popular language across the globe. It is spoken in every corner.

  • Far to many immigrants

    As you all know America is known as the melting pot. New York for example, they have millions of people there, and not many of them look a like at all. My Italian back ground would be stripped, and I wouldn't be able to speak my language anywhere but in my home. That is an out rage. I was born here in America, but at the same time I was taught to speak Italian. We are the "Home of the Free" so if we truly are free then language can be whatever you want it to be.
    Otwell Middle Student. -Kyle

  • The upside is not worth it.

    The only reason to make English official is money. With English as an official language, businesses and organizations would not have to provide services such as a bilingual driving exam or translation of important contracts and information. This alone does not excuse the consequential violation of individuality and liberty, ideas fundamentally important to the US.

    It's obvious that getting a job is much more difficult for non-speakers of English, but the point is that they may choose to put that burden on themselves by not learning English. An enforced language would make employment not only hard, but impossible. Put simply, we would be forcing fellow Americans to learn English so that the lives of English speakers can be easier. This puts any native speaker of English - which obviously has nothing to do with the individuals choices, but rather their birth - at an even greater economic advantage than, for example, Spanish speakers, who again had no say in the language of their mind.

    Which would be a nice tie in to how ridiculous it is to claim that language has nothing to do with identity, but unfortunately I am out of time. Suffice it to say that claiming such things shows a complete ignorance of anything language related and an overly inflated ego.

  • Unnecessary Course of Action

    If the United States does indeed gain an official language it will cause that many people will have to change the way they live. For example, right now the US freely translates taxes, death certificates, and birth certificates for many. If the US has an official language this will change. People who speak another language will have to go out of their way to find someone who will translate those things for them or have to pay extra for these documents to be translated. Also, it is a form of discrimination to force those who speak another language to do this while we, the English speakers, do not. Now you may say it creates unity and makes things easier for the government, but what about the people?

  • Bulling in school

    Kids this days are rude and we got a new language it would never stop so no we should not let the kids be bullied more.It would never stop.So if we get another language it would do no will and with people attacking i would out of sight so no

  • There is no need

    This country is based on so many different languages. If i like to speak Spanish more than English i will. And i wont tell anyone to speak English either. If we are to communicate we will find another way. There is no need for an official language. 20 % of Americans don't speak English in there homes and that's their business. We all have the 1st amendment of freedom of speech and that would include language to.

  • People should not be forced to speak a language

    It is inappropriate to force people to speak a language . Didn't they say it is a free country so it means people are allowed to speak how they want to . This is what I think it is bad to force people what to do which means they can speak how they want.

  • NO Because I

    It discriminates people who speak other languages. People should be free to speak any language they want to speak. There's a reason why people move in to America to be free and speak any language they know. People would be able to learn a new language if there's no official language

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  • Not at all.

    The united states is UNITED. We should be able to speak any language and not be judged for it. English is mostly used, but you could take up a second language, if you wanted. Everyone is welcome in the USA. If you speak french, fine. If you speak japaneese, that's also fine. My opinion is no, and that is final.

  • Come on, guys

    Why do we have to keep segregating everyone in this country? The United States is a melting pot of cultures, and shouldn't be forced to conform to what one specific group of people would feel is comfortable. Nobody is forcing you to speak a different language, so don't do it to others.

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