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  • Not this time

    In 1980, President Carter issued the boycott to protest the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Even though there are several issues on which the United States disagrees with President Putin, I don't think we should have refused to participate in Sochi. The athletes train so hard for so long and those who couldn't compete in 1980 were devastated. The Olympics is about peaceful competition. I do think we have drawn some attention to the negatives in Sochi, and that President Obama's absence is telling, but I think it was right to participate.

  • The Olympics should be kept separate from politics.

    Unless we are relatively certain that our athletes are being put in jeopardy, we should always attend the Olympics. It is not a time to make a political statement. It is a time to show unity between nations even when differences are occurring. Athletes have trained all their lives and should not have to worry about whether they will be allowed to attend or not.

  • Win the gold

    No, they should not have boycotted the Olympics for sure, since this is a great way to show the world that your country can compete against the worlds other greatest athletes. It lets the USA be proud of the athletes that we have, and lets them bring the gold home.

  • No, the United States should not have boycotted the Olympics.

    Our U.S. Athletes have trained diligently for months, if not years, just to be able to compete in the Sochi Winter Olympics. They have had their hearts and minds set on competing. There was no reason the United States should have boycotted. It would have shattered the dreams of so many young athletes who were looking at this as possibly being their defining moment. There was no way to anticipate beforehand the problems that would arise once the competitions started.

  • Boycotting the Olympics is a mistake for any country.

    The United States boycotting the Olympics would be a mistake. Primarily because it will look to the rest of the world as if we were anticipating losing. The United States has too much ego to even look like we feared anything. The Olympics is a battle ground like any other.

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