• Yes, they owe it to their queen.

    The British live in a monarchy, where they should pay tribute to their monarchical government. They have a queen and now a prince and future queen with a baby now. They should celebrate everything regarding this topic because it is so unique in the world today under a monarchy in government.

  • The US should not have kept Prohibition going.

    No, the United States should not have continued Prohibition to present day.The fact was, Prohibition just wasn't working. Making alcohol illegal fueled illegal activities and crimes. Today we see the same thing with marijuana. If the US would've continued Prohibition, it would have been a terrible situation filled with more Al Capones and the like.

  • If America had continued to prohibit the sale of alcohol, they would have helped to make crime syndicates more wealthy and powerful today.

    Prohibition of alcohol does not stop Americans from wanting to drink. When Americans can't legally buy something they want, they buy it illegally When alcohol was prohibited, criminal syndicates made a fortune from providing normally law abiding citizens with alcohol. They used that money fund more crime. Buy repealing prohibition, we allowed American businessmen to make that money instead, which is better, because they pay taxes.

  • Prohibition was not good for America

    For a long time man has had some form of alcohol to consume. It has been prevalent in many cultures for centuries. Prohibition was a complete failure in the sense that it created many gangsters that still sold alcohol and created a lot of violence that was not there before. Much as the war on drugs has failed, Prohibition also failed and making the drugs legal and controlled is much better than making the drugs illegal and punishing for the use of said drugs.

  • Not at all

    No, the prohibition caused so much trouble for the US that they had no choice but to stop it when they did, since there was such an out cry by the public, and then there was so much illegal liquor being sold that every person still got to drink anyway.

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