Should the United States have entered World War II?

  • World War II- An American Victory

    To say for any reason that the United States should not have entered the Second World War is ludicrous. We were presented with the very real threat of anti-Semitic fascism taking control of Europe and the world. We had to enter, to save the vote of the people and of society. From saving the Jewish people of Europe from massacre and Nazi domination to the world's safety, the United States needed to enter World War II.

  • Quite the opinion page...

    I'm just saying, whoever created this opinion page needs to brush up on their history. Of course we should've, we were preemptively attacked by an Imperialistic nation bent on world domination. Not to mention the fact that the day before we were attacked, December 7, 1941, we were still trying to preserve peace between our two nations, America and Japan, diplomatically, with no indication of rising hostilities between our ambassadors.

  • US Should Join

    There are definitely good reasons for why the US should and shouldn't have entered WW2. I say yes because our allies were being invaded, and the nazis were horrible people trying to destroy an entire race because they were mad at them for some thought that they ruined Germany's role in WW1. Had we not joined, the nazis would've ruled probably all of Europe (assuming they gained enough power to overthrow England's air force). With our help, the nazis surrendered, and shortly afterward, so did Japan. Therefore, it was good that we entered WW2.

  • Nukes the beginning of the end

    If we stayed out Germany they would have perfected many things like nukes, steroids to create a super army that nothing on earth could stop, not even the United States Army, and he would have exterminated many religion, races, and cultures that have been here from the beginning of time.

  • It's an obvious yes!!!!

    I mean you cant right against it. Yes many lives were lost, yes the destruction done to our city was unspeakable but all worth it!! I mean talking about the freedom we have now, the rights our equal between women and men, many children lived anyway but mostly opened our eyes to what the world was sometimes like that we cant just go careless . Those people who died during that time are remembered with true respect and honour! At least the died for something amazing!!!

  • They were provoked.

    Autobahn and Pearl Harbour. Point closed, but alas I still have to fulfill this supporting argument by aimlessly meandering and stalling to satisfy the 26 more words needed requirement. The U.S had no intentions to join the war on the side of the allies. The Third Reich underestimated Franklin's defiance of public favor.

  • The United States only option was to enter World War II.

    The United States only option was to enter World War
    II. Pearl Harbor was an unprovoked
    terrorist attack. America had to respond
    and defend itself. Also, Hitler was
    posing a threat to the safety of the entire world. If the United States had not counterattacked
    Japan, we would have looked weak in the eyes of the world.

  • Of coues we should have

    Yes we were attack after trying to stay out of the war being attack was and is a act of WAR to the US there for we haved to and look at how many jobs were created in factors at that time and think about what it did for woman while men were away they had to do a lot of jobs that were for men it helped people start to realizes that they could do pretty much every as men they were starting to be seen as people instead of baby makers and moms to there husbands

  • Interest in Peace

    In my opinion, the thought of war is an ugly thought (obviously), but in the end a war on the planet becomes everyone's war. Eventually the war would have spread anyway. War is a disease, if it is not dealt with it will spread and infect everyone. So the U.S. Involvement was only barely necessary. If it means the war will end then it is needed.

  • Yes for sure...

    Yes because without America Britain and France would have eventually become taken over by Germany and this was a thing that could not happen. America has an amazing army, its strong, large and has a high morale and if they had of joined sooner many more lives would of been saved...

  • World War II - A War against American Interests

    Editor’s note: All the statistics in this article from Richard J. Maybury’s “World War II: The Rest of the Story and How it Affects You Today” unless otherwise noted.

    Many believe that World War II was between good (Allies) and evil (Axis); that the Axis, using advanced technology and tactics, nearly conquered the world; and that the attack on Pearl Harbor was a horrific surprise. However, there is convincing evidence that all three of these ideas are wrong, and consequently, that America should not have gotten involved.

    World War II is considered a war of ethics: oppression against liberty. According to R.J. Rummel’s “Death by Government,” the Nazis murdered 20,946,000. In addition, the Japanese killed 5,964,000.

    But the Allies were even worse. Rummel’s numbers show that the U.S.S.R., an Ally, killed 42,672,000 non-combatants; China, another Ally, killed 10,214,000. Finally, Britain was responsible for the deaths of 816,000 in the 20th century near the end of its conquests. British area bombing missions were specifically calculated to destroy as many homes as possible. Both sides were mass murderers.

    Secondly, Americans feared that the Axis would conquer the world. But at the height of their power, Germany controlled just over half of Europe, or about 4 percent of the earth’s land area. By comparison, Britain had 22 percent and Russia had 16 percent. Both sides wanted to capture territory around the world, and the Allies were further along.

    Many also believe that Germany had advanced technology that would have enabled them to conquer the world. However, Germany’s many “wonder weapons” were not so wonderful, and those that were could not be mass produced because they changed production every time they found a better design. To make a comparison, the United States and Britain together built 48,399 bombers, while Germany only made 200.

    The inability to mass produce and the lack of resources forced Germany to use horses. Germany had 650,000 horses when it invaded Russia. This lead to the failure of Germany’s attack on Russia in June 1941, which was the beginning of the end for Germany. The Russians let winter set in, then cut the German supply lines. This failed invasion showed that Germany was not the superpower it was made out to be. The Allies did not need America’s help.

    Finally, there is strong evidence that the attack on Pearl Harbor was provoked by Franklin Roosevelt. To see this, we must ask why the Japanese attacked. They had only 4 percent of the world’s industry, compared to 29 percent in the United States, and most of the resources they imported came from the America. Why would Japan attack its main supplier, especially one so powerful?

    Well, because it had no choice. Lt. Commander Arthur McCollom circulated a memo in Washington listing eight steps by which Japan could be provoked into committing “an overt act of war.” While we don’t know what FDR thought of it, we know that he followed these steps, which included aiding Japan’s enemy, China (providing it with the Flying Tigers), sending submarines and cruisers into Japanese waters and halting all oil exports. He also reduced the defenses at Pearl Harbor by sending a stream of warnings to Admiral Kimmel at Pearl Harbor which reduced reactions to alerts and made the harbor more vulnerable.

    Finally, as previously mentioned, Germany invaded Russia months before and was already weakened. Anyone who knew history could see that Germany was finished.

    Germany was never as strong as was commonly believed during World War II, and by the time America joined the war, Germany had been significantly weakened. America was not the victim of a random malicious attack by the Japanese, but rather provoked the attack at Pearl Harbor.

    By getting involved, America lost 298,000 soldiers and set the stage for the Cold War by helping the U.S.S.R. Emerge as a world power. For these reasons, the United States should not have entered World War II.

  • Just bein petty

    I believe America should've been the bigger person and let Japan see that loosing such a strong ally by attacking us in the midst of a great depression was a big mistake in the end and they would have to be indebted to us instead of us to them. The environmental damage could've been avoided as well as the innocent civilians who weren't involved just like what Japan and Germany did to the U. S. For no reason

  • The real legacy of WW2

    It would have been far better in the long run from, America's perspective, had we not entered this war. The outcome would probably have been the same, as I do believe the USSR would have ultimately demolished Germany. As for what's different? The USSR is significantly weaker and would not have risen to an American level superpower. This means the cold war and all it entailed would probably be avoided. No need for Vietnam, Korean war, arms race, conscription, space race, general fear of Communist espionage.So no Cold war baggage, but that is only the beginning.

    It is fair to guess that German and Japanese industry, which exploded after the war, would have been stunted and maybe destroyed altogether. Who does this leave as the world's industrial leader? The United States. Imagine American companies success minus German and Japanese competition. America would lead the world through lucrative industrial might, not costly military force!

    The United States maintains military bases throughout the world, at great expense to the American taxpayer. The bulk of these were created, directly or indirectly, as a consequence of this war.

    The United States has also taken on a host of responsibilities as a world leader. Responsibilities which are a great strain on the nation's resources. The UN is more or less equal power without equal obligations from its members.

    Of course, I haven't even mentioned the human cost. The Americans killed or maimed in this war is an incalculable cost, which can never be repaid.

  • There Should have been no war to begin with.

    Long ago, the four nations lived together in harmony. Then, everything changed when the Fire Nation attacked. Only the Avatar, master of all four elements, could stop them, but when the world needed him most, he vanished. A hundred years passed and my brother and I discovered the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang.

  • The EU messed up Europe thanks to the USA

    There is no real Evidence Hitler would’ve attacked America and Honestly American businesses were doing buisness with Germany, but Evil America the Tyranical ruler more evil then Hitler ever was decided to stick there nose where it didn’t belong causing economic chaos, struggles in the balkans, communistic regime genocide and Cold War struggles in Europe, more Britain chaos with Northern Ireland and EU interference with countries as well as the United Nations sticking there damn nose in every crevice of countries.

  • No they should not

    Because people would be getting killed for a little thing. Some people want to fight in war but they could also not think about there lives which is really dumb of them. It's also trump fault that we are about to be in war now with his orange self. (Orange is the new black)

  • Nutral is better

    I am against for the reasons that have been posted. Also I believe that it was Americas fault that pearl harbor was bombed.
    Because we froze the Japaneses assets, stopped all their oil supply, aided their wort enemy (china), and provided an easy target.
    In short we prodded them until they fought back. (read about McCollums 1940 memo containing an eight step plan to get into the war).

    Those that disagree should read Richard j. Maybury's (uncle Eric) book on world war two.

  • Neutrality would have been better.

    Neither side was in the right and the best thing we could have done was let them fight it out. And just watch from the sidelines.

    Also pearl harbor was our fault because we froze japans assets stopped their oils supply. Aided their worst enemy (china) and provided an easy target for them to attack. (read about McCollum's 1940 memo containing an eight step plan to get into the war.)

    totally agree with the first post. And those that disagree should read Richard j. Maybury's (uncle Eric) book on world war 2.

  • No because we are still facing the consequences today and we also had us army people in japan when we dropped the bomb

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  • Still Facing consequences today!

    Today we are still facing the consequences today because of the atomic bomb we used against Japan to make them surrender. Why were we even pulled into the war in the first place, we should have stayed out of it. Some victims were vaporized instantly or horribly disfigured, and death from radiation. We had U.S soldiers in Japan when we dropped the bomb on Japan.

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