• More commercial law (when written well) is great.

    Of course we need more laws but the existing laws need to rewritten as well. All laws need to change and evolve with the people who write them and those who live under them. And checks and balances need to be in place to keep business from exploiting consumers. It's not a matter of if but when and how.

  • The US should have less restrictions on commercial law.

    The US is in dire need of some form of manufacturing. Loosening certain restrictions in commercial law may be what is needed to spark the manufacturing sector back into a flame. The restrictions will have to do with structure and trade. Commercial laws involving labor and the environment still need more additions to be sufficiently effective.

  • Less means more jobs

    I believe that if the United States had less restrictions on commercial laws that there would be a lot more jobs and job growth taking place. This is because the free market system works the best. When the government leaves the economy alone, it will see the most growth that it can.

  • We can't do business.

    The United States should have less restrictions on commercial law, because right now there are so many regulations that we have a hard time complying with all of them. The United States has made so many regulations that companies have to have compliance departments just to keep up with all of the requirements.

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