Should the United States have sent military troops to the Korean peninsula to help fight in the Korean War?

  • Korea asked for help, and we had a policy interest.

    Unlike the Vietnam conflict, our involvement in Korea has had benefits that we still enjoy. The Republic of Korea (ROK) has developed into an international leader in electronics manufacturing and development. ROK has even explored automobile manufacturing. The DMZ still stands, and North Korea is still a threat that has to be dealt with from time to time. The practical positivity aside, The ROK is free of communist oppression. Imagine a world where Kim Jung Un had twice as many people.

  • Yes, they should have.

    I think that it was definitely the right choice for the United States to send their military and troops to Korea to fight in the Korean War. South Koreans have much better lives than their neighbors to the north who live under a dictator; many of whom live in squalor and famine.

  • Supported By UN

    I believe the United States was right in sending military troops to the Korean peninsula to help fight the Korean War. If anything, this is one of the last justifiable wars America was involved in. The actions of the United States were supported by the UN and looking at the current conditions of North Korea (what little we do know) it is far better for South Korea to remain separate, as they are doing quite well that way.

  • Still at war

    We are still at war with North Korea, even if people believe that the war ended 65 years ago. Since there was never peace, and North Korea is heavily militarized, South Korea could be in legit danger of invasion, and most there like the joint South Korean/US presence to fight them off.

  • Yes and no.

    What I like about the US is that they are ready to help other nations and countries no matter the cost. It is great, but also hurtful. Korea may not have wanted our help, and the other side of Korea is now our enemy and not on good terms with us.

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