Should the United States have universal health care?

  • universal health care should be a right

    Everyone deserves medical care to be free it should be a public benefit rather than a profitability the people don't get care because they cant afford the co pays many time they the to go to the emergency rooms and latter cant afford to pat the bill insurance is just going to get higher and higher

  • United States is the only developed nation that does not have a structured universal health care system

    Most people do not have a problem, paying insurance for a vehicle and/or required registration fees. Would we not agree that health is just as important as our cars and/or other means of transportation? Health care should be available to everyone. Overall, if the U.S were to engage in a universal health care system this may overall be less abuse that transpires in the Emergency rooms due to people who are uninsured and/or under insured. Secondly, if people are seeking regular physicals and treatments the overall costs should balance out. There are over 45 million people in the U.S who do not have health coverage. How can we as U.S citizens proclaim to be the leader globally, yet discount the importance of 45 million American lives?

  • Accessing Health Care Is A Basic Right Which Every Human Should Have

    Around the world people are dying because they are neglected this simple right. Americans should be allowed to receive treatment for sicknesses even if it means paying more taxes. Right now in this country only those who are wealthy are receiving proper healthcare and those who cannot afford it are sometimes left to die if they do not have the money to do so. Healthcare is such an important item for everyone that it should easily be accessible for all humans. No human should be neglected to the right to life.

  • Universal health care

    Why would we accept that our neighbors should go bankrupt because they can't afford health insurance? Do you have a pre existing condition that precludes you from getting health insurance? My husband does and we live on good luck he won't get sick. His SS is $1700 a month. I make $1000. So is $1000 a month for both of us a reasonable expense. I don't think so.

  • Yes, It Is Needed

    Yes, the United States should have universal health care. Mandatory health insurance is a step toward universal health care. Most middle class families cannot afford the insurance premiums for health care, so the government would step in to subsidize. Under universal health care, decisions would be made by the government as to where the funding would come from, but the end result would be much fairer than the system we currently have where only a few can afford health care.

  • Yes, the United States should have universal health care.

    A nation has a responsibility to take care of its people whether great or small, rich or poor. Then without health care people would not receive treatment which would prevent from them developing more serious condition which would require more cost to treat. Eventually financial burden for a nation to bear would become greater without this universal health care. On the contrary, the money from healthy people will be used to treat people who need care. And they or the people who are close to them may receive that benefit some day.

  • Universal Healthcare should be provided

    Some people are less fortunate and may not be able to afford healthcare. The health insurance companies charge outrageous rates for people who have past illnesses and some people are denied any healthcare because they will lose the insurance company money. America is nothing but a greedy country where the wealthy cannot "afford" to pay more taxes to fund universal healthcare. What can the average middle class person do when they are denied health insurance because of previous conditions?

  • We need help!

    Many people can't get help from hospitals because it costs too much without insurance, even with insurance it's difficult to receive. You have to jump through so many hoops or you might not have the right coverage. It gets too difficult. It also creates government jobs that could help the economy.

  • Are we the consumer or patient?

    "An ounce of prevention equals a pound of cure." -B. Franklin. Since the top 1% earns 40% of America's income, more than two thirds of Americans are in poverty. If we are the workers, working for next to nothing, so that the "job creators" can earn record breaking profits, then we should have the right to healthcare. The American government was created for the people, by the people. We need to take care of everybody. "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." -Dr. King.

  • It's not a right right now, but it should be.

    Times change and there is no excuse for our current healthcare system. We are overcharged for the same services and products and under the mercy of big business. Of course our costs are outrageous. We already pay out more than enough to support a socialized system. All it requires is more accountability.

    Do we really trust insurance companies to have even more control? Seems like that is going away from the actual goal.

    If we had this kind of technology when the constitution was drafted we may have seen the right to healthcare. That is part of the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Can't do any of that if your dead, or so buried in debt from medical bills.

  • Of course not.

    Americans shouldn't have universal healthcare, if it is coming out of the tax payers pockets. No one should be forced to pay for someone elses' things. We tax payers already pay for luxuries, such as phones, and cell phones. You can have every basic thing you need to live, and be given more things by the government. It's not like people are running out on the streets and dying. No one is turned away from an emergency room. The UK's NHS makes you wait 3 months+ to have a life saving surgery. Our current system is bad, but a universal system will make Americans poorer, and live even shorter lives.

  • Nope, not at all.

    Not only is taking other's tax money to pay for someone else's expenses (with anything) morally wrong - it defies the constitution of the United States. It really doesn't even matter whether or not we should go to Universal Health Care because it is already a power that isn't given to the federal government. And please; try to make the "general welfare" argument. Up until the mid 20th century (about the same time government started getting involved in health care) not only were people not denied treatment by ED's - but there were also Church Hospitals that provided care to less fortunate. In my own home town we had the Virginia Baptist Hospital. People's "welfare" were taken care of just fine. And if we're going to start saying that general welfare also includes others footing the bill for your treatments than who's to say we'll continue to push the envelope until eventually we have to pay for your car, house, phone.. wait. We do that now. The simple truth is that people like to stretch the wording of the constitution in order to make it fit what they want. If the founding fathers thought we needed universal healthcare I think they would've listed it in the constitution. Especially considering they lived in a time of limited healthcare even more than it is now. Wouldn't it have made sense then for them to put universal healthcare in the constitution if they felt (with it being as restricted as it was in their time) that it was everyone's job to take care of everybody in a free society? It's true that morally you should always help your fellow man - but the fed has no power to enforce this. That's why we're a FREE society. We're free to spend our money how we please. I work for my money and I spend it on my heath care, insurance, groceries, etc. It isn't my job to take care of my next door neighbor (legally at least). Besides; with nearly 17 trillion dollars in debt, social security likely to run out before 2050, don't you think the government may not be the best organization to trust with handling our funds? I'm not a grass roots republican who hates the government. But I'm not a liberal who wants everything to be fair. We as Americans need to learn to take care of ourselves before we try to take care of everyone else around us.

  • NO to Universal Health Care

    I would be for it IF this Universal Health Care was not coming out of the tax payers pockets. It's not fair; I go to work, and I work hard! I don't do that in order to pay for health care for those who choose not to work or get a job on their own. Our current health care system is working just fine, why change it?

  • No, I disagree with the idea of universal health care.

    Think of all other countries in world with universal systems. Granted, it sounds like Utopian perfect idea, but the fact is that it doesn't work. The crisis in Europe is a prime example. You may have everything for free, but it promotes indolence and failure. Having a plethora of Master's degrees and no job doesn't make sense; all while you have to wait 3 months for a simple consultation. While my antipodal view to others may not be agreed, I still believe there should be a regulated and penury amount of assistance for those who TRULY need it. It has been to my contingency that those who lobby for such universal systems have never assiduously worked or gained much in their life. If a universal system is implemented, the cost would be immense for many. For those who truly advocate for this universal system, tell me if you would genuinely be complacent with the fact that your taxes will increase substantially for those who do nothing to contribute? Be honest with yourself, especially after a long day's work. Moreover, where is the incentive for health care providers? If all providers are based on one fixed income, why should they care if they work on 2 or 20 patients? They're being paid the same. Having been a medic in the military, I can say sadly that this mentality does exist. Why trust a universal health care system to operate on you or your family when the government can't even maintain the postal service? Private health care, please. If you want universal healthcare...why stop there? Why not universal telecommunications? Why not give up your iPhone? Hey, others don't have as nice of a phone as you! Why not universal education? Life isn't fair, sorry.

  • The USA should not have health care.

    I'm 13 and I believe that everyone should buy their own. Why should we have to pay for somebody else's health care? Buy your own! This would be horrible because we would have long waits, bad care when we do get it, and sometimes they will not even treat you!!

  • Paying for everyone else's health care?

    Sorry, but I want to make sure my children have the best health care. It's my own personal responsibility to ensure their health care and my husband's - mine is secondary. I'm not going to pay for the health care of some guy who didn't feel like getting off the couch and turning off his video games and getting a job. Under universal health care, health practitioners wouldn't be motivated to work much either. I wouldn't be able to ensure that my child gets a good doctor - or even ensure that a doctor even sees her before the end of the decade!

  • You have to be kidding.

    1) Detriment to the gene pool.
    2) Detriment to ownership.
    3) Detriment to incentives.
    4) Promotes laziness and entitled personalities and we have too much of that already.
    5) Look. Visit a country with social healthcare. Ask them how it works for them.
    6) Roughly $17 trillion dollars of government debt.
    7) Wrong solution to the problem. There is not enough competition in the medical industry. Everyone sits in a niche and fences off innovation. You want more affordable healthcare, bring down the cost with innovation, not "gimme gimme gimme". Look to your politicians and find out what lobbies they are getting paid off by. Follow the money people.
    8) Too bad, so sad. I don't have a mansion, where is our government subsidized mansions. (Sounds ridiculous? "No, that's a luxury. This is needed for my survival" you say? So is food, but not everyone in the world is entitled to it either. Don't care if you cannot afford it. Don't care. You don't really care you're a waste of space, air, and food. If you cannot survive, thank you for playing the game of life.)

  • Look at other examples

    Countries with similar structure as the United States like Canada and Australia do have centralized health care and those two countries consistently rank among the lowest when is comes to doctor accessibility and also people who live there are forced to wait extremely long to receive special treatments and tests. The system simply can't efficiently work on such a large scale. Why force healthy people to carry the burden for people who smoke, use drugs or are morbidity obese? Also, the government would most likely place further restrictions and increase taxes on things like fast food, tobacco products and sugary snacks/drinks, once again hurting the tax payer and digging those who are struggling a deeper hole to climb out of.

  • We don't need Universal Healthcare, Privatized Healthcare can work, but our current system is not a good example

    Universal healthcare is not the answer to our current broken system. A big part of the reason why our current healthcare system is a mess is because of the health insurance monopolies that have existed prior to, and have now grown, under Obamacare. Blue cross controls a massive portion of the health insurance industry-thanks to our government helpnn

  • Unmanagable, too expensive

    We are already in debt and we don't need more. We will not be able to manage taking care of everyone. Raising taxes will not cut it. Why would someone who went to school for many years to make the money they do just to give it away to pay for someone else?

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Anonymous says2013-05-10T15:01:44.797
I am Canadian.... Our Health care system works well... I am a teacher and I make good money. Our taxes are not that high... I don't understand the American system. Having universal health care and a great social net to help each other won't make America communist!