• Can't Abandon the Opportunity

    Money always talks, and if there is an opportunity to get many political concessions from Russia by buying them off, it should be done. If Russia can be paid off to get out of Ukraine and other areas, it is worth considering. Only though, with iron clad deals in place, can such negotiations be allowed.

  • The U,S should help itself before helping another country.

    Russia has never done anything for the U.S. so we are not obligated to do anything for them. The American economy is just getting back on its feet and we don't need another country dragging us down in their recession. I think Russia should solve their own problems themselves, without help.

  • No the United States should not "bail out" the Russia from a recession.

    Since the United States has none or very little economic interests in the Russian Republic we should not make any changes to our monetary policy with the intent of supporting the government of Russia's efforts to reduce the effects of the current global recession on the Russian GDP (Gross Domestic Product).

  • No, the US absolutely should not bail out Russia.

    When the recent conflict in Eastern Europe and the consequent US sanctions first began, leaders in Rusia arrogantly laughed them off, believing that their natural gas and oil rich nation was impervious to the effect of such efforts. Now that the effects are being felt, we should let me suffer in order to teach them a lesson. Even if they were to promise to change their ways and retreat from the Ukraine, we simply cannot believe that they'll keep to their word.

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