Should the United States institute a mandatory retirement age for all elected officials regardless of the position?

  • The retirement age for elected officials regardless of position should be 70 years of age.

    An elected official by the time he or she reaches 70 years of age, has achieved all that needs to be achieved in an officials life. They would, at this age, already be receiving a pension as well as any government issued revenue that have earned through their career's. An elected official, becomes like a swore thumb. If you do not rest and treat them, they will loose all purpose.

  • 67 Should Be The Max

    The age might even need to be 65. I just said that because they keep talking about raising the retirement age to 67 to collect social security. The reason is because some of these people have worked in office till they were nearly a 100. That is just to long and no employer is going to let one of their employees work that long. We need fresh minds to run this country.

  • They wear out.

    Yes, the United States should institute a mandatory retirement age for all elected officials regardless of the position, because a politician that is too old will probably only want to hold on to the job because it pays a lot of money. Old people lose their ability to do their job well, and they are out of touch with reality.

  • Yes they should

    After being in a certain office for so long, the old people in office need to step down and let a new fresh mind in with new ideas, so that the country keeps getting better and continue in a way that will take us further than we have ever been.

  • No mandatory retirement for elected officials

    Sometimes there is a needed change in elected officials. Those changes should come from the voters and not a mandatory retirement. Depending on how mandatory retirements are structured it could lead to paying out more in pensions. It may also force out elected officials that are making a real difference. Americans need to realize that they need to take a more active role in our Goverment and get out and vote.

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