• Possible International Repercussions

    I am not from America, Russia or Ukraine however I feel it is necessary for america to step in as Russia is already sending military arms and vehicles to the part of Ukraine under their supporters control. If america does not do the same to the part of Ukraine not under Russian control we may see Russia becoming more aggressive in it's plans for expansion and control. The past should teach us lessons and if this action is not stopped now it may lead to a larger conflict with even more bloodshed.

  • I'm from Ukraine and so is my family!

    Ukraine is corrupt and the West is saying Ukraine has freedom but it is actually corrupt, it's people are very russian influenced and have historic ties, also the U.S. says that Russia is a threat when not long ago it was fighting in the Middle East for no real reason.

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  • Bill Clinton signed treaty to exchange nukes for pledge to insure Ukraine's Sovereignty,

    In 1994, through an accident of fate, the newly independent country of Ukraine found itself in possession of the world's third largest
    nuclear arsenal.
    At first, Ukraine planned to keep its nuclear weapons. But, at the insistence of the two strongest powers in the world -- Russia and the United States -- Ukraine agreed to give up their nukes in exchange for perpetual guarantees of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

    This supposedly ironclad treaty, signed 20 years ago, was the Budapest Memorandum.

  • History is repeating itself.

    In the Russian Federation, a massive wave of nationalism is washing over the young people, giving Putin massive support in his own nation, while the rest of the world watches and denounces these actions. So many times this has happened in the past, the obvious example being The Third Reich.

    The whole situation is also similar to the wars fought in Korea and Vietnam during the 50's and 60's. Just as the US did, Russia is sending troops into a small country to defend those who they believe to be right. Although, unlike the United States, Russia wishes to outright absorb these territories.

    So many people have pointed out that Ukraine was originally a part of Russia. This is hardly true, as Ukraine was forced into the Russian Empire, its peoples (specifically those of Crimea) were forced out of their homes to be replaced with Russian citizens, so as to disperse any idea of revolt.

    Putin is looking to rebuild Russia's old sphere of influence, which collapsed in the 90's after the fall of the Soviet Union. He failed in Georgia, and has failed to re establish control over the Baltic States. Ukraine is just his first stop along the road to a much larger conflict, in which he seeks to undermine NATO and re establish Russia as a superpower. Putin knows he can get away with this. He knows the a US politician fears supporting an unpopular war.

    Kiev falls, Putin gains the Black Sea. From there, he can work his way into the Balkans and the Middle East. If he is not stopped here, he will slowly gain power and make his way outward.

    People are too afraid to stop him, but fear to act started the last two world wars.

  • Yes we should help

    We might not be the worlds police. But we the United states of America are known for our independence and isolationism. But sometimes you have to stand up for the weak. I'm not saying Ukraine is weak , but it is what's right. When the French let nazi Germany take czhecoslovakia or whatever it's called in the 1940's that was a huge mistake. It gave hitler the idea that he could get away with taking over other country's like Poland. So know th US needs to interfere in the Ukrainian war in order to stop further expansion of Russia. Because we all know Ukraine won't be the last.

  • Who will be next ?

    War is never a good thing, but who is going to stop the aggresor if this continues to happen . Take nazi germany for example when they invaded the rhineland, poland, etc. Who will be next after Ukraine? Someone has to put an end to this . Although i am not for war i believe something has to be done before the situation worsens.

  • Intervention Now to Prevent Future Conflict

    This is the second time that Russia under Putin has invaded a neighbor under a flimsy pretext-flimsier than the US intervention in Iraq in 2003 even. Neither Georgia nor the Ukraine have ever invaded a neighbor. If Putin is not stopped it will encourage him to take another slice from another neighbor, or the whole of the neighbor.

  • Yes they should

    The only country in the world that has the power to tell Russia what to do as far as military goes is the United States. If the U.S. doesn't stand up and draw a line then Russia would have free reign and the green light to start making the rules. The United States is the ultimate protector of the free world, and has historically made sure that this fact was known, however recently we've seen that they haven't stopped Russia from doing anything. Sure we are hurting them on an economic level, but Russia is still the one making the rules. The U.S. Needs to show Russia who's dealing the cards in Europe, and Globally

  • America's broken promises

    Once, Ukraine boasted the world's third-largest nuclear arsenal. In the aftermath of the collapse of the USSR in 1991, authorities in newly independent Kiev found themselves in possession of 176 intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launchers and 1,240 nuclear warheads, along with more than 3,000 tactical nuclear weapons.

    Fearful of Russian intentions, Ukrainians were in no hurry to surrender their weapons of mass destruction. The West, equally fearful that the nukes could get into the wrong hands after the Ukrainians began selling ballistic-missile technology to Iran in 1992, raced to disarm the fledgling post-Soviet republics.

    A deal was signed on February 5, 1994, by Bill Clinton, Boris Yeltsin, John Major and Leonid Kuchma—the then-leaders of the United States, Russia, United Kingdom and Ukraine—guaranteeing the security of Ukraine in exchange for the return of its ICBMs to Moscow's control. The last SS-24 missiles moved from Ukrainian territory in June 1996, leaving Kiev defenseless against its nuclear-armed neighbor.

  • No absolutely not

    Ukraine was originally a part of Russia. They are broke and have NO government. They ousted their president, We didn't make them do it that was their own choice. They riot in the streets, this is their own doing. The ones claiming to be leaders is just a coo. Russian military has taken crimea without killing anyone. Sounds to me as if this is what Ukraine really wants. The ones holding the government are just power hungry and want to be in control. If Russia takes control of the land they have no power and will probably end up in prison. So of course they are trying to get us involved. If the Ukrainians really wanted our help we would know by now. But they keep storming their own government hanging Russian flags. So we should not waste 1 single penny on them. The us should apologize to putin and let him finish what he started. If anyone should get assist with this its Russia. So we can get these people back to a normal life instead of having children around all of the rioting and childish behavior.

  • No, we should not.

    The United States gets involved in too much already. The military is being cut to record lows and we have enough going on with the middle east. We have already been at odds with Russia. That area has been back and forth for years, and we should stay out of it unless we have to get involved.

  • Ukrane's problem is Ukrane's problem.

    This is an issue that can only be settled by Ukraine, and Ukraine alone. It is up to the rest of the country if they want to side with Russia or the European Union, not for the rest of the world to decide for them. If Russia continues to take further action we need to intervene with Russia, not Ukraine.

  • No, the USA should not intervene in Ukraine.

    I do not believe that the United States should intervene in the Ukraine. I think that it is an issue that should be settled between Russia and the Ukraine. The United States has way too many things to take care of and worry about than a conflict that is halfway around the world.

  • No We Shouldn't

    I do not believe the United States should intervene in the Ukraine. Russia is moving in to protect their use of the ports they had been renting from the government. I think Russia is justified in protecting their interests and I believe that is all they have done at this point.

  • It's not worth it.

    I see both sides, and well the USA is doing wrong by not saving innocent lives by liberating a sovereign nation that Russia invaded. I just think about that ,weak pathetic ,incompetent president we have, there is no possibility Obama could strongarm putin, cause putin's an alpha male. And Obama is the exact opposite of a: Ronald Regan, John F. Kennedy, or a Bill Clinton . Obama's not capable of making a reasonable deal with iran, while we're in a position of power(God help us).Obama should station more troops in Europe and Asia, increase millitary spending, and hope Putin was just trying to boost his approval rating.

  • Not just No, F**k No!

    Just like Greece, the people of Ukraine created their own mess, let Europe solve it. When things don't go their way, they riot, loot and kick out their stable government causing all kinds of chaos. Then cry for help because their country has become a 5th world hell hole. Let Russia have that sh*t.

    Don't forget all the "love and respect" we got from Kuwait after we saved their a$$es.

    If the US is going to spend money, it should be to take care of Americans first.

  • Tired of superpowers

    It is time for all superpowers to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. There have been countless examples of them creating a mess wherever they've intervened, the Iraq War and the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan among them. A US intervention in Ukraine would only create another one. Superpowers, especially the US and Russia, should learn their lesson and mind their own business.

    Posted by: gtz
  • Russia has a point!

    I think most of what appears on russian news is from ukrainian perspective. However, Russia has a point in Ukraine, the russian people want to be seperate from an much poorer nation who has not treated the citizens well, and Russia is only willing to help those people.

    Also, I am an american, please don`t tell me i`m a KGB agent or whatever.

  • I'm from Ukraine and so is my family!

    Ukraine is corrupt and the West is saying Ukraine has freedom but it is actually corrupt, it's people are very russian influenced and have historic ties, also the U.S. says that Russia is a threat when not long ago it was fighting in the Middle East for no real reason.

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