Should the United States intervene militarily in Syria?

  • If they can stop the manslaughter!

    I’m really shocked with how cynically the American people approach this question! Your economy is not in shambles, you’re one of the reachest and most developed nations in the world half of which does what the USA says, but you’re too ignorant and have too much trust in your government, so you don’t see how things works in real life. If you’re so poor, then go ask Google and Apple and other supercorporations where are your money, why your children starve, why your parents have no job. And they’ll tell you that’s because they suck all the money out of the whole world but won’t give them back! Now your country can stop the manslaughter in the Middle East, you country can cut Putin down to his size, your country can stop the war in Ukraine and cool off Russian aggression. You country can do almost anything it wants, yet it does nothing. You talk about equality, but you treat other nations as inferior to you and you won’t interfere with anything unless it’s economically reasonable. Syria is being tortured by its own government and Russian intervention, millions of people die, and America can put an end to this. Putin will stop if he realizes that America is serious about his aggression. But two wars go on because America
    cares of nothing but its own wealth. Once it’s about taking, American people build their whole empire on
    a piece of land with its own population, destroying this population, using black people for slaves, thriving on people’s blood, murder, and death. But once it’s about giving, no way. Giving isn’t profitable. America isn’t the home of the brave, it’s the home of the stupid and coward!!!

  • In fact it is our war more than the Syrians.

    Russia, China, Iran and Hezbollah are obviously supporting Assad because he is their ally and our enemy. If we let go, they keep their ally, and we still have an enemy. While this is a very good chance for us to make Syria our ally, we should help the Syrian people kill Assad and arm them to take their revenge from Iran and Hezbollah which are our enemies and we want them at least weak.

  • This needs to stop

    The slaughter has gone on well over a year and chemical warfare may be on the horizon. This needs to stop and our allies are getting tired of waiting, we need to just get this over with and officially dethrone the current regime. Being on the ground in another country is obviously the last thing anybody wants but the crimes against the citizens there make it unavoidable.

  • We're already deep.

    People argue that the US should intervene in Syria because since Syria is a dangerous country, they should be stopped. That is true, but involving ourselves in a third Middle Eastern country would cause more problems than it would solve. This whole argument is so that we can keep the peace in Syria, then the US not invading Syria is the best way to keep the peace. People in the Middle East already protest against US occupation.

  • The U.S. should not get involved in Syria militarily

    Syria is developing chemical weapons. Do we really want them to turn on us if Bashar alAssad to defeat the rebellion. We should get involved diplomatically so we can avoid all the fighting. Also, if we assassinate alAssad, then there is a chance that other countries like China and Russia may abandon the U.N. because they think we may assassinate their president.

  • More unconstitutional and endless wars.

    The idea we need to get involved in another country's civil war is just crazy. The "fiscal cliff" we are heading over is because of outrageous Government spending. These wars are not about our national security. The costs of these wars (trillions of dollars) are crippling America and its citizens. If foreign militaries had got involved on our civil war the outcome could have been a lot worse. Also imagine if Russia or China shot missiles, flew drones, or even landed troops on our soil... What would you do? How would you feel? Think about it. We must stop the Executive branch and it's war hungry administrations (This isn't a Republican or Democrat issue). They no longer answer to the Congress (whom represent all of you!) but are seeking approval from NATO, UN, CFR and other global governance. The Commander in Chief must seek a declaration of war from congress, unless imminent threat requires action (instant, overwhelming, and leaving no choice of means, and no moment for deliberation). This is not the case in Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, or Iran. This is not just a matter of money but also the civilian casualties. The death toll in the hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan is directly due to the occupation by the United States military. Imagine if a drone flew high above you and fired high caliber machine gun rounds at you and your children. Would you stand for that?

  • NOPE

    if we look to our current state of economy, we can not afford another war, even just to mediate. we have to look out for our own interests in this time of our nation, and more war is just not the answer. As the oppositions of this choice would like to say we might be in harms way, but that is leading onto a complete falsity. We can not be harmed by a syrian out-break any way because we have other countries helping sooth the problems over, like russia. All and all we just cant continue fighting other contries fights, wishing that all of our problems will go away with body bags full of our soldiers, for what reason... nothing at all

  • No.

    The United States should absolutely not intervene in Syria, unilaterally at least. The US has a large number of troops abroad already, and it doesn't make sense, especially considering their current economic situation, to extend their military influence to another nation.

    If Assad should decide to use chemical weapons on his own people, however, intervention would be almost obligatory. This obligation belongs to the United Nations, however, not the United States alone.

  • NO!

    Our economy is in shambles. Unemployment is rampant. We have 13 MILLION children that are dying of starvation.
    We are already losing 2 major wars.

    Besides, what in it for us? What can we benefit from if we do intervene?

    Unless they have vast amounts of natural resources, like Afghanistan and Iraq, the US government would think towice. If Americans are so much against crimes agianst humanity, then i suggest you leave the issue's of the Middle East to handle themselves and go take care of African nations where murderes like Joseph Koney are running around!

  • No.

    Our military is already over stretched in the world. Our economy is suffering, it's not the time to add another war to it. All we would do is enforce our own ruler in Syria. Syrians can handle themselves without American help. Our military is to defend us, not intervene in a war where neither side has attacked us. If anything, we should intervene diplomatically to attempt to solve this war through peace.

  • The US should not interfere in another nation's internal struggle

    While the civil war in Syria is certainly a tragedy, it would be a mistake for the United States to get involved in another country's internal struggles. Doing so could cost American lives and money and entangle it in a regional conflict where the US simply does not belong. Furthermore, American involvement would most likely cause resentment and fear among Syria's neighbors.

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