• One two three

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  • Yes, the United States should intervene to fight poaching overseas.

    The United States is seen by one of the top world powers, and as such, the United States has responsibilities to keep others in order. Poaching, the illegal hunting, killing, or capturing of wild animals puts many species in danger, which is detrimental to nature's diversity and balance. The United States has the resources and power to fight poaching, and should intervene.

  • International opposition to poaching.

    The U.S. has an interest in preserving species as local ecosystems are interlinked with other local ecosystems. Poaching left alone can desecrate a species. Wildlife management in an industrial/tech world is needed more than ever in the continue these local ecosystems that are essential to the global ecocycles, whose dependence on sub eco systems is essential for the preservation of biology on planet Earth.

  • Yes the US should

    The US has the power and influence to help intervene in poaching overseas. I think the US should use its influence to intervene. Poaching is a horrible thing and runs the risk of endangering animal species. The US can easily be more involved in the global fight against poaching. It's not a fight that can't be won.

  • US needs to worry about US issues.

    The US should use our resources to solve issues in the United States. We need to solve domestic issues before going off and using money to stop international ones such as poaching. I feel that the issues that are already being done here are much more important that international poaching issues.

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