Should the United States invade and annex Canada?

  • YES! The U.S. Should,

    Canada is full of resources which are never used for ANYTHING worthwhile. When was the last time Canada liberated anyone from an oppressive dictatorship? Canada is already falling apart from the inside with Quebec trying to gain independence, if the US annexed Canada, Quebec would have more freedom than ever. The world is a dangerous place, and if Canadians aren't going to do anything about it then someone who will should rule their land.

  • Invade Canada peacefully

    If we invade Canada and keep their prime minster in power but we own the country and give them the same rights as Americans it would be a win win for the both of us we git recourses they still have there power in Canada. That is my opinion ok.

  • It is Inevitable

    If the United States annexed Canada, this would cause a new immigraion period (with this, the population would double). And someone else said "Well the U.S. would gain almost nothing but empty space" (well it IS kinda true, 85% of Canada just land) we would change that. Double the amount of states would be developed, and each of these states would need a New York City-sized city to handle the immigration. Due to this, the population would incrase to about almost 2 billion, and we would beat out Russia by total land area and be the largest county in the world by both population and land area. The United States would be a powerhouse.

    Plus, America only wants more, and Canada is the answer. With a seemingly limitless amount of resources, including lumber, oil and Natural Gas. America would be happy for a pretty long time. Canada has been wanted by America since the beginning of American independence. Countless times, America asked Britain for Canada and Britain refused. When Canada received independence, all hope of peaceful annexation of Canada failed. Canada could be what America needs to quench our thirst for money.

    Now, I do believe with this, US should annex Mexico, too, but this would be more of a challenge. You can read more about that here:

  • Yes, the U.S. should annex Canada.

    I agree with the first response very much so. I believe we are much more capable than they will ever be, and an annexation would only benefit both sides. They would become part of us, and we would welcome them with open arms if they don't resist. Together, as one, we could continue the good fight around the world with our resource pools replenished. Personally, I think it's only a matter of time. Canada barely has a military and hardly does anything militarily on the world stage, so we'll just have to wait and see. I believe when another world war breaks out, possible then it could happen, with little resistance.

  • Canada is the Home of American Greed

    America only wants more, and Canada is the answer. With a seemingly limitless amount of resources, including lumber, oil and Natural Gas. America would be happy for a pretty long time. Canada has been wanted by America since the beginning of American independence. Countless times, America asked Britain for Canada and Britain refused. When Canada received independence, all hope of peaceful annexation of Canada failed. Canada could be what America needs to quench our thirst for money.

  • Benefits Both Parties

    The US should not invade Canada, but in the case that they can persuade it to join, it would benefit both sides. Canada instantly gets a stronger military, a better economy, and although it loses funded college, it gains some of the most well known schools in the world. Also, the combined country would be one of the largest and most influential ever to exist. Also, the "NO" side seems to say that the two countries are best friends, so why in the world would they join? That makes no sense, assuming we don't invade them. The best friends would be the best countries to merge.

  • Canada is a useless country.

    Canada, the second largest country in the world, a country full of resources including an abundance of oil, is not a very important country.
    The United States and Canada are currently very good friends, and through proper negotiating, I'm sure that Canada's government would not mind being annexed by America! Not really annexed, more agreeing to join the United States, a very powerful and significant country. The US does everything so much better than Canada, although some portions of Canadian society should of course be kept, and maybe even implemented all across the States, such as free health care. Being "annexed", or maybe agreeing to join the United States, would greatly benefit Canada and it's population. This is all coming from a Canadian :)

  • Yes to protect canda

    It would be protected by America army and would no longer be threaten by Russia. It would also supply water & oil to America. While getting a population boost by america. Then we could combat the growing Russian and Chinese threate as a strong union. This would lead us become the dominate economic and military superpower. That none would even come to challenge.

  • Canada is just sitting there doing nothing!

    Canada sits on all that good resources! We should just march in their and annex canada! Im sure their will be some forum of resistance but it will be silenced as quickly as it started! Then we could all be friends and make the world a better place to live.

  • Time to look to the future.

    Everyone gets the best of both worlds. The provinces (new states) keep their healthcare and get to regulate firearms, whilst having a seat at the most powerful government in the world and being protected by the most powerful military in the world. The Americans gain resources, a lot more explorable land, fantastic scenery and a great people.

  • If they do, they left there common sense at home.

    Well, you will need to remember this little organisation known as the United Nations and The British Commonwealth. They WILL BAN all imports to the US, ruining their economy. The American Public will HATE not having there foreign foods. And what would they gain? Poutine? Wood? And LOTS of empty space. And what if Russia steps in, World War 3? Nuclear winter? The End of Humanity? Over a country that WILL free itself will the help of England, France, Russia, Germany and All of its Allies. And then we WILL take over the industrialized east coast and take over The Statue of Liberty, The Pentagon, And Hawaii. :) And Then burn the White House to the ground and then put a port-o-potty on the ruins.

  • We are best friends

    Invading and trying an annex Canada would like like pick pocketing your best friend. Not only would you permanently damage the relationship, you will surely get a punch in the face for doing it. There is simply too much value in having Canada as our good friends and neighbors. We love Canada, her people and her beautiful natural resources. Except Justin Beiber, they can take him back.

  • This is not the country your looking for

    I think you guys should take mexico instead. It would solve most of your ilegal immigrant problems. You would save crap loads of tax payer money by taking that country. Then if you guys want you can visit us up here and buy our stuff. Cuz we dont want your national dept. We can be the world grocery store and china can be the hardware store.

  • Really?...Just a stupid question

    Of all the countries in the world Americans view Canada as their 2nd strongest ally. (right behind UK). While we would most certainly win, it would probably be one of the most pointless wars we would have ever been in. We trade with Canada more than any other nation as it is. Why should we invade them for their natural recourses if all the resources they have... We already have in Alaska?

  • USA cant its impossible the world wouldn't allow it and USA inst that stupid to invade a G8 country

    IF your American think about this, if you love your country and want to invade a G8 country, well congrats you started ww3 because Canada is apart of G8, witch if you didn't know is the 8 most richest country's in the world and doing so would have disrupted world trade and economy, furthermore Canada is the number one agricultural suppler to the EU and i think they would be upset, also Canada is apart of the common wealth so congrats you declared war on Egypt, India, England Scotland etc, and the rest of the world would only see you as a bully to a country who did nothing, and in the end USA would fail because they cant survive being attacked by the common wealth or to have UN economy sanctions being placed against them.

  • Are you insane

    The USA may think of themselves as the strongest ever but have you taken into consideration of how much better trained Canada's forces are than the USA, plus more countries like Canada, also if the whole Russia/Ukraine thing wasn't happening Russia would assist Canada. Also BC would be impossible to invade, you'd go from forest to desert to forest to tundra all in one province. So no USA shouldn't and saying otherwise is stupid

  • Come on really ?!

    've read this more than once on the board that it would be relatively easy for the US to invade and take over Canada. In a few hours some say. First off what would the motivation be? Well our natural resources of course. Oil, gas, water, etc. Do you think it would be that easy?

    Canada is as well armed on a personal level as the States. We love our guns, we just don't go ape# over them. Think it would be easy? How did Viet Nam go? Iraq? Afghanistan? Now consider an enemy that looks like you. Speaks like you and acts like you do. Think it would be easy? You can't win a war of attrition against those that you can identify. What about an enemy that you CAN'T identify?

    You want to talk terrorism? Hell, Jim Carrey could probably walk into the White house and blow the mother up. You see where I'm coming from. What aboot Mike from Canmore(regular guy). You going to stop him on the Saskatchewan or the Manitoban boarder? Plenty of easy ways to get into the States. Good luck DHS.

    Is this going to happen or even likely to happen? Hell no. This is just for some that think this would be an easy go. It wouldn't be. You thought Viet Nam was tough? Iraq? Afghanistan? Try an enemy on your boarder that you can't identify. Badda BOOM. You'd be out within 2 years. You couldn't sustain what the Canadians could mount. Covertly. Yes, we could be easily run over by the US military machine but that's just the beginning. Try to hold it. We'd burn the WH down again.

    As I said, this isn't for the average American. It's for the unthinking that see us as the "little brother". We're not. We don't need the US to protect us, we can take care of ourselves. Don't think so? Attack. It'll be your death knell.

  • It wouldn't go good for the US.

    Don't get me wrong, in all likelihood the states would win, but it would cost them dearly. They would no longer have canada to back them up politically on the world stage, would piss of every country in the commonwealth, and the states would be in far greater debt then they could imagine.
    Honestly it just makes sense for the states to pressure canada for whatever they want versus an outrageously expensive and ineffective invasion.

  • No, the US should not

    We shouldn't invade Canada because the US and Canada are great friends and plus, it would be a mistake on the United states's part, because other countries will not tolerate the United States invading Canada. Besides, even though the United Sates would eventually win, there would be way too much bloodshed.

  • Stupid poo poo

    I have come to the realization that you all, Y'all, Are not the brightest. Now that it has come to my attention, I need you to realize it too. You are playing out the American Oil memes.

    Something I've noticed is that y'all are talking about oil;
    dumb oof oof

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Tip_Top_Canadian says2016-12-03T08:56:36.477
It's not a win win situation if we were to have the same laws as Americans than we would have a lot higher deaths due to fire arms. Our medical system would be corrupted as well as our school systems. The only thing we would gain is a military although Canada doesn't like to invade and we try to settle things peacefully. It 100 percent not be a win win Canada is much better than America in different ways.