• Killing people for blaspheme is unacceptable and should not be tolerated

    The United States should invade Pakistan and force it to rescind its blaspheme laws. Pakistan stands on the verge of executing a Christian woman for blaspheme. This is unacceptable in the 21st century. This is barbarism and an affront to human rights and human dignity. The United States should invade Pakistan to put a stop to this.

  • Sure why not!

    They harbor thousands of Tablian troops and I don't see them making any effort on the War on Terror. If you're with someone that kills someone else, you go down for accessory to murder. What makes Pakistan so different? Who cares what China and Russia thinks! If they want some, they can get some too!!!

  • Pakistan is a terrorist country

    They support all kinds of terrorism and housed many popular criminals. They also have nuclear weapons which might just end up in wrong hands and that day, everyone will suffer. Many countries will feel bad about not invading it a long time back. Take care of pakistan, and you will have a better world.

  • Terrorist country with nukes ! Do we really need another reason ?

    It is 1000% more greater threat than Afghanistan ever was ...Most violent country ever with nukes we need to shut down their nukes because of the all countries who have nukes pakistan is most idiotic and likely to actually use them ..Look at their history they attacked india 4 times and lost . These are type of people who will use nukes and go to war and supply terrorists with nukes without thinking of consequences

  • No, as World isn't a Jungle Pop Land

    In Jungles usually everyone wants to be the holder, but at the end, hold goes to only who is more Wild. I can't imagine how one can even think, this is the solution, when even problem isn't defined yet and why Obama thinks it has to look after the whole world. US really needs a sincere President now......

    Posted by: Dazz
  • Bad ethical rights

    MasturDbtor stated that the Pakistani executions violated human rights. I completely agree with this statement, however I do not agree with the solution of killing innocent civilians to stop killing. Moreover, the US has no right to interfere as the Pakistani government and community has never directly attacked the US. In addition to that, I personally find it ironic that the US will kill Pakistanis to stop them from killing.

  • Another country invaded?

    The U.S. Should know by now that invading third-world countries in an attempt to spread freedom and advancement usually ends with the victimized country being left in a worse state than it was before, or being destroyed altogether. Invading Pakistan would make a massive dent in the economy, it would cause the loss of millions of innocent lives (Pakistani and American) and by the end, it will not have accomplished anything.

  • Another country invaded?

    The U.S. Should know by now that invading other third-world countries in order to promote "freedom" and "advancement" usually ends up with the victimized country being destroyed, or being left in a worse state than it already was. Invading Pakistan would make another dent in the U.S. Economy, thousands of Pakistani and American lives will be lost, and in the end, it will have accomplished nothing.

  • Let's keep the peace.

    Let's be honest; we need to get our act together--America, I mean. The last thing that we truly need is to be the threat to another Middle Eastern country. Unless there is another terror threat or incident similar to 9/11 that threatens or puts either our country or an ally country in distress, then we should stay out of it, and just warn the Middle East. For the most part, I believe that we should take a diplomatic approach, avoiding warfare at all costs and try to make peace rather than send our troops again.

  • Why would US invade Pakistan?

    We are a misunderstood nation, people are trying to make fool out of others and they are so being fools by thinking Pakistan is the main cause of terrorism, people here are being kidnapped and then brain-washed by the people whose name i would not like to mention because everyone knows them. We struggled for so many years to gain independence, this is not the 18th or 19th century where you try to expand your empire, we live in a free world and people who now think of conquering the land of others should be ashamed, think before you speak, imagine yourself under the a lame rule, a rule that simply not belongs to your society, would you like being ruled upon? Well we don't, this is a shame to know that people still think of invading lands, we have a right to live freely and NO ONE has the right to take that away from us or from anyone!

  • Not at all!

    The us will never do it in the near future as Pakistan is a nuclear power with amazing millitary perfomance,its newly developed cruise missiles such as babar etc are capable of carrying warheads to israel and europe,it will be not late enough,Pakistan will develop missiles able to carry warheads to USA so united sates wont do it AT ALL!It would only ignite the world war 3,Pakistan also enjoys a support from China which is making it space in the "SUPER POWER SECTOR" of the world,it has defeated the soviet union.This time if us invades Pakistan ,heavy aid from soviet union alongwith china and many countries may arrive and it would in turn result in complete global destruction


    Does any of us knows that ISI THE INTEL AGENCY OF pakistan is far superior then CIA?Every man on earth thinks that its a quick job to invade PAKISTAN.THEY ARE SURELY DRAYDREAMING!

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