• Yes, kill ISIS and all of them terror inflicting Mooslims

    The US is not doing enough to kill ISIS. The kurds in the middle-east, who number only in the thousands are doing more. Although I do not usually advocate for the usage of Nukes, this seems like a good time to use them. It will teach those blacked robed white-executing pig-avoiding mooslims a lesson. USA all the way!

  • Yes, I believe the United States should launch more air strikes against ISIS.

    Yes, I believe the United States should launch more air strikes against ISIS because ISIS commands large areas in Iraq and Syria and need to be contained, ISIS is basically a self operating state and is in control of a city the size of Philadelphia. The United States must launch more attacks to slow down their growth and stop the group from terrorizing the world.

  • Yes, the United States should launch more air strikes against ISIS.

    Yes, the United States should launch more air strikes against ISIS because ISIS controls large areas in the Middle East and needs to be controlled. ISIS is basically a terrorist state and trains terrorists to launch attack Western super powers. The terrorist organization needs to be wiped out because of their violent and inhumane practices.

  • The Jihad Is Not An Easy Master

    The effacy of drone strikes and the supposed difficulty of finding targets has been hotly debated; however, until the reality of the Jihadist mindset is understood, there will be liberal opinions to give the terrorist groups the benefit of the doubt, that they have a valid stance and right to wage war against anyone who is not in their mindset. No one seems to understand that no matter what, even after a complete defeat, anyone who is not ISIS, will always, always, be an infidel.There will be no handshake, no gentle apology, no 'we are all brothers and sisters in this world'. The non-ISIS world is nothing but a world to fight against tooth and nail, until the jihadist soldier kills or is killed. There is no grey dawn, no colorful world filled with 'wondrous variety', only Islam and infidels.
    Sadly, only stopping this jihad is the answer. How else can we stop an enemy so relentless? Drones can do what humans cannot. Imagine the waste of funds, not to say lives of thousands of soldiers. ISIS will not burn itself out, it will not be eradicated by local government; it's mission is to endlessly war against the infidel; and notice, over time they lose, an dlose...but each time, they learn a little more about war. Look how difficult it is to engage in standard infantry warfare with soldiers that do not abide by the conventions of war. We need to step up the attacks before they become permanently entrenched.

  • Probably not the best idea

    Though it does sound like a nice fast way to take them out, It isnt a smart move. People don't realize that once we bomb them they will attacj back. Such as the attack in paris for example. I'm not saying leave them alone but make sure to have a much bigger plan like to hit all of them at once and not just a small group of them.

  • US Should Refrain From Drone Strikes on Isis

    The US should refrain from using drone strikes against ISIS. Not only will it contribute to even more animosity from the Middle East, but drones can easily be taken down with ISIS' weapons. Also to consider, who will be allowed to have access to the information captured and how easily could systems be hacked into?

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