Should the United States launch more drone air strikes against ISIS and other terrorist organizations?

  • Yes you bitches

    Yes because I said so. Mind as well them while we still can before they kill more Americans. I don't know what I'm talking about as you can see but ISIS killed a lot of Americans and it's time for our revenge on these mother fuckers Americans rock ISIS can eat my ass

  • While I understand the concerns, better than putting our soldiers at risk

    I think drones no matter what you think of them save American lives. There are valid concerns. One of the concerns is the consequence of hurting innocent civilians. But to my understanding, ground troops have struggled with that as well. It also sends a message about our technology. If we prove our might in technology and sophistication, we may be able to convince the people ISIS is trying to recruit that it's not worth it. I know that's a long shot still, but worth a try.

  • Yes, airstrikes can be effective against terrorists

    The United States has the ability to target terrorist organizations such as ISIS with drones. When these are used in controlled situations, the United States troops are less exposed to immediate danger, and there can be less collateral damage. Drones are an effective way of demonstrating force and can provide a similar aspect of surprise as implemented by terrorist cells.

  • Stop the drones 2k16

    The use of drones by The United States is largely unregulated, unreliable, and unprovoked. The operators of drones do not always know who they are targeting. In one report, a drone strike was launched to target a man whose HEIGHT was similar to Osama Bin Laden. Government officials can not accurately report the effects of drone strikes because they do not even know how many people have been killed or injured. The lack of regulation and understanding causes the deaths of hundreds of civilians. The drones become their only connection to America. Instead of defeating terrorists, we are manufacturing them. We have created a system that makes America synonymous with the murder of innocent civilians. One young boy even said that he preferred grey skies because America does not fly drones when it is cloudy. The boy literally feared blue skies because of American drones. In addition, the use of drones is desensitizing us to war. How many of us know that the U.S. has killed over a hundred Pakistanis with drones? How many of us know that we've killed people in Iraq? Which war is fought with people and which with drones?

  • No it shouldnt

    As it becomes harder to find genuine Isis targets, as the terrorist group gets better at melting in with the surrounding population, the civilian toll is likely to rise. The United States launching more drone air strikes against ISIS and other terrorist organizations is not going to help anyone. On the contrary, there are risks of unintended consequences, Hence it shouldn't be encouraged.

  • It won't solve the problem

    ISIS and other terror organizations aren't something that can be bombed out of existence. Their power comes from the lack of a stable government in those regions. ISIS will eventually burn itself out, but the problem becomes the number of people killed before it does so. The United States shouldn't put boots on the ground, but the lives lost make this a tragedy regardless.

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