• I do think marijuana should be legal BUT I DO NOT SUPPORT USING IT

    If you make it illegal it will start a massive black market industry like we have never seen before, and it will be almost be like we never made it illegal. What we have to do is make it legal, then me must tax the crap out of it. We need to make it so expensive, that the trashbags who buy it can not afford it anymore. Then we must update our law system so no one can steal it. After this we will have created a thing where black market activity is limited and almost no one can afford recreational marijuana.

  • Marijauna Isn't Bad

    When is the last time you heard of someone going into a school, work place, store, wherever high off marijuana and opened fire upon innocent civilians? Never. No one comments violent acts under the influence. Second, when have you ever heard of someone who has stoped using the plant, go into an act of rage or have physical withdrawls? Never. Now I do agree that inhaling burning plant matter may not be the best for your lungs but there are 600 known natural chemicals in marijauna...Compare that to the over 4,000 added chemicals to cigarettes that we allow people to smoke. I've never heard of someone dying from cancer just from marijuana use alone. To top it off, I don't believe in controlling a substance that grows freely. Something you can seriously just drop a seed in the ground and grow, it just won't prevent people from using.

  • Prohibition is a joke

    Even though I do not believe there is a single thing wrong with marijuana, and there are plenty of benefits, I'm not even going to go into that.
    Instead I'm just going to make an argument even one who knows nothing about marijuana (most the nah sayers) should understand. And that is the prohibition of marijuana is NOT working and there is plenty of evidence to back that. Also from this standpoint there is the cartel problem. All that prohibition is doing is funding them by allowing them an opportunity to help with the failure of prohibition.

  • Should be legal.

    Too many intelligent and nonviolent people are being arrested for possession and sales of marijuana. If it is imperative that pot dealers be punished at all, they should be audited for the amount of pot that they failed to pay a sales tax on, just like any other commodity. If others don't go to jail for minor tax evasion, than neither should pot dealers.

  • No, it is bad for you.

    No, the United States should not legalize marijuana, because it is still one of the most addictive drugs that there is. Marijuana addiction is only beat by alcohol, when it comes to additions that are treated in the United States. Marijuana is also not filtered like cigarettes, so smoking it causes cancer.

  • Keep the air clean

    I really don't care if it is legal or not, as long as I am not bothered by the smoke. And there is where the problem starts. If I drink a glass of wine my neighbor does not have the breath stinky air. Any smoker however, if it is tobacco or something else, poison the air I have to breath.

  • No is should not

    From personal experience the use of marijuana screws with people minds, it has been proven that it truly does kill peoples mind, if it was about it being for medical use only i would agree because it helps the cancer patients be a more ease, but it truly destroys a persons mind if you truly think about, if you know someone who uses it, think what were they like before they started using it. I think most of the people who said yes are people who use it them selves.

  • Marijuana is a drug!

    No matter which way you look at it, marijauna is a drug. Though it is believed to not have killed people, it is a gateway drug which makes users addicted to other and more deadly drugs such as cocaine and heroin. Making it legal would not reduce he crime rate, it would increase it.

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