• Yes, the USA should legally enforce the 11th Amendment.

    I definitely think that the United States should legally enforce the 11th Amendment. I think that it would only be right that something that is a part of the law is enforced. And I do not think that it would violate people's rights since it is a part of the rules and laws of the country.

  • Sovereign immunity can save life

    I believe sovereign immunity law is important because it protects by citizens from other states and their properties, based on this law US government has a limited power to sue people from other states, and or from other countries. Under this law citizens can live with a piece of mind in other states and rights will be protected.

  • Our laws should be upheld.

    Yes, the United States should legally enforce the 11th Amendment, because we need to make sure that the states still have their rights. All of our laws should be upheld. The 11th Amendment, along with the constitution, should be upheld as they were written. We need the laws to be upheld in order to have meaning.

  • Already Happens with State, Federal Courts

    There is no need to legally enforce the Eleventh Amendment because this already happens as a matter of practice. This amendment sets a framework whereby citizens can sue states in state court rather than federal court. This happens on a regular basis now because there are state courts and federal courts with separate jurisdictions throughout the United States.

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