Should the United States lift the Cuban trade embargo?

  • We dont need it anymore

    The embargo was meant so we could fry Cubas economy and have other countries join us and Cuba would go into poverty. This didn't happen. Cuba has not been hurt by our embargo, and if we lifted the ban we would benefit ourselves. Our produce would be a lot cheaper than it is right now and we need this. This is exactly what happened when we started trading with Mexico and our produce went down.

  • It's not doing any good.

    How many other countries have an embargo? So just the U.S with the embargo hasn't hurt them at all, so it's just pointless. If the embargo is lifted, it could help the U.S.'s economy by bringing in new products and trade, and we all know the U.S needs economic help.

  • Economic gain

    It's long been recognized that opening up Cuba to American investment would be a huge boon to the tourism industry in both countries. According to the Cuban government, 250,000 Cuban-Americans visited from the United States in 2009, up from roughly 170,000 the year before, suggesting a pent-up demand. Lifting the embargo would also be an enormous boon the U.S. agricultural sector. One 2009 study estimated that doing away with all financing and travel restrictions on U.S. agricultural exports to Cuba would have boosted 2008 dairy sales to that country from $13 million to between $39 million and $87 million, increasing U.S. market share from 6 percent to between 18 and 42 percent.

  • The Cuban trade embargo should be lifted because it hurts the local Cuban population, and it failed to topple the regime.

    The Cuban trade embargo was enacted to suppress or devastate the local (Cuban) economy for the purpose of eventually overthrowing the regime. This strategy has never worked. This concept of containment and isolation has only strengthened the resolve of the Cuban government. Although it is common knowledge that Cuban citizens who attempted to leave the country were tortured or harshly mistreated, it is important to explore the possibility of opening a new chapter in our relations with this country for their sake. The current Cuban president seems more flexible in dealing with us and is making friendly overtures, which could very well be a good time to reexamine our diplomatic ties and set a series of preconditions that they need to meet in order for us to negotiate with them. These conditions could be the release of political prisoners, allowing UN Human rights workers into the country, adopting democratic ideals, holding free and fair elections, and compensating millions of oppressed families who lost loved ones under questionable circumstances in the last forty years.

    Posted by: I3nnJan
  • Cuba can develop only when the ban imposed is released.

    USA should give time for them to reform themselves. Instead of banning them, they should teach them what is right, etc.

    Posted by: ladamir
  • The embargo was created in October 1960, is a ghost from the past.

    The trade embargo with Cuba is a ghost still haunting the United States, Cuba and the world from the early years of the Cold War. Nowadays, the majority of the Americans want to get the embargo lifted and agree with Obama's efforts in that direction.

    Posted by: AdityaF
  • Lifting the embargo will topple the regime

    Lifting the embargo will open the floodgates to the Cuban market and will lead to an accelerated Cuban Perestroika. It may already start now when Cubans are free to leave the country and return without an exit visa. They can come back with fresh ideas and new business skills. Lifting the embargo will push the regime to change their policies all will make the regime to go away.

  • I agree.

    I agree, we should end the embargo against Cuba. The embargo was put in place in 1960 to encourage democratic reforms in Cuba and to hurt Castro’s regime. It has done neither. The Cold War is over, and Cuba is no longer a threat to the U.S. The embargo has hurt innocent Cuban citizens and kept American businesses from selling their goods in Cuba. Removing the embargo would take away Castro’s ability to blame his own failures on the embargo, and give Cubans more incentive to start businesses and improve their lives. By having more interaction with Americans, Cubans will be more likely to demand democratic reforms.

  • Lifting the economic sanction against Cuba

    America would be the natural market for most Cuban products, and U.S. refusal to accept from other nations any goods with even the tiniest Cuban input, damages Cuba’s ability to trade with others. Midwestern Republicans have all voted to drop the embargo because of the potential for profits in their farming states, which would find a market for their products in Cuba.
    Other critics argue that sanctions on Cuba are illegal and damage America’s international standing and credibility. They violate the UN Charter, laws on the freedom of navigation, and repeated United Nations resolutions since 1992 (passed with only the United States and Israel in opposition).
    The Embargo was set in place because "Communism is a threat to democracy" but our fourth biggest trading partner is none other than China who shows no sign of leaving their communist ways.
    The United States' sanctions on Cuba have been in place five decades, yet have failed to topple the Communist regime. With the Cold War long over, Cuba poses little threat to the United States, and therefore the sanctions are unnecessary.
    We have no business getting involved in how people in other countries live their lives, unless they actively threaten us or are being systematically oppressed by a cruel regime.
    The economic sanctions against Cuba were intended to pressure them to give up their communist government. That obviously hasn't worked; Cuba has had a communist government since 1959. It's hypocritical that the U.S. does so much commerce with China, also a communist country, and boycotts Cuba because they're communists.The United States should drop its sanctions on Cuba in order to open lines of communication that would be beneficial to both countries. Communism for all intents and purposes is dead globally, and Cuba and it's allies no longer pose any threat to the United States. To continue sanctions is purely inactive and serves no real practical purpose. The US sanctions against Cuba have gone on far too long. Most people probably don't even remember or know why they were put in place to begin with. This happened originally in 1962, so it just seems ludicrous to still have them in place. This is a neighbor of ours, a country we could have friendly relations with, do business with. By lifting the embargo, America would get more jobs and money in more people's pocket. Sanctions were placed on Cuba, for specific reasons. Those reasons never did actually materialize and, as a result, the sanctions serve no purpose today, except to continuously punish a country for failing to collapse under the pressure of an economic embargo. All it does is continue to hurt the people of that country that could be doing much better, if their nation had better trade opportunities.

  • Im writing an essay on this

    Cubans have very close family in Florida and all over the United States. This is because some of the families in Cuba send someone overseas to America so they can make more money. They should be able to see each other, and need to send their money to their family in Cuba, so they can survive. There are luxuries that Cubans have never been able to experience. TV’s, games, and computers are some of these things.

  • Do you support Communisim and Dictatorships?

    Hello people? I suppose we should lift sanctions on Iran and North Korea as well. Castro's people hate our American way of life. They will exploit it to their full advantage. As a free democratic person there's no way I'd support such blasphemy against humanity. Where do we draw the line?

  • They'll walk all over us

    We can't let the Cubans think they can do whatever they want with no consequences. We need to remember why that embargo is there in the first place. We can't let them take advantage of us again.

  • Castro is still in power in Cuba, and we have fought and had hostilities towards him for many years.

    If you recall the events in the early 1960's, when the United States of America was almost incinerated by a nuclear bomb by Castro's regime, then you would agree that free trade sanctions should not be lifted with Cuba. They're our enemies, and have been for many years, even to this day. We should not trust them.

    Posted by: ShutDana69
  • Comunist country

    The current Cuba is under Fidel Castro's power. Fidel Castro is enslaving them and whether you are a doctor or a worker at some restaurant you get the same pay. If we make a trade with him, it would give him more money to do what he wants.
    Also it will give him more power to do what he pleases.

  • Starve the Commies!

    This is America! The land of the free and the home of the brave. We don't need some stinkin' Communist/dictatorship country to "help" our economy. We need to make them learn from their mistake of endangering our country's security during the cuban missile crisis. Who cares if their economy is in the dumps, they brought it upon themselves.

  • Don't lift the embargo!

    We Need to remember why we put the embargo on Cuba in the first place, to fry their economy and to show them they can’t walk all over the Usa. If we lift the trade embargo we could be putting the u.S in danger. Because Cuba is so close there is always a risk of attack.

  • No we Shouldn't

    We don't need people coming in and out of America anymore than we already do. I was just currently on a website showing Americas debt. If we have more people coming in, imagine how much more debt we would have. We need the money and If we do lift it, we will be losing that money. If we keep working, we will achieve our goal to send them into poverty.

  • On our Terrorist List

    As of right now, Cuba is on our terrorist list and is currently interacting with some of the United States known enemies. Even though we have asked them not to they have gone behind our back an done it anyway. There are SO many things wrong with this!! If we open them up to trade and lift the embargo completely, then they are going to be considered "ALLIES" and they are on our terrorist list. Because, ya know, THAT makes so much sense! Open your eyes people! This embargo was there for a reason and is still there for a REASON. As long as it stands firm, our country will be firm. We cannot go soft and give in to trade when we have survived 5 decades without them. We need to have boundaries. Has anyone heard of 'the past repeats itself?" Yea. We need to learn from our past to benefit our future, and what we have learned is that Cuba is not trustworthy. Thus.. They are on our terrorist list. Thus.. We keep the embargo.

  • I don't think we should completely lift it .

    If we lifted it the only people who would benefit from it would be the communist warlords. I believe we should modify it so we trade directly with the people of Cuba. Also Cuba is very close to us and If we started trading with them there wouldn't be much stopping them from using it to attack us.

  • i say so

    the embargo was issued for a reason. an due to that reason, we shouldnt put ourselves in any situtation that could cause turmoil to the united states. Cuba doesn't deserve to be left in poverty but we can't risk our country or troops to a country that won't help itself.

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Anonymous says2013-04-03T15:46:27.553
Please sign "We the People" petition to the Obama Administration and Congress to pass legislation to either modify existing legislation enforcing the Trade Embargo against the government of Cuba and its people or passing legislation lifting the ban entirely.. The "We the People" petition is one mechanism towards requesting of the U.S. Government to improve economic, cultural and humanitarian ties between the two countries. Current policy is counterproductive and will not bring the two countries closer together.
Anonymous says2013-04-22T15:17:44.457
Our two countries should reach a trade agreement, Cuba has been developing in tourism, biotechnology, wind energy, has made researches on climate change, measures to successfully face weather contingency. Heberpt P is our medicine best option to diabetes, find out qnd you will see. Thanks