Should the United States limit the number of Asian American immigrants?

  • Immigration is in toto, for mutual benefit. Open immigration has never existed with any country in our history.

    Immigration is about MUTUAL BENEFIT. The extreme open policy that has existed in the last several decades has not been equitable for Americans. It has been driven by a supposed need of technologists. However, the technology invented that has benefited our standard of living has been invented by Americans.
    Certainly adequate competencies can be achieved by Americans to operate this new infrastructure. The benefit gained by an Asian with a 750 math substituting for an American with a 690 math doesn't exist.
    Ignore the crocodile tears of lobbyists.
    Beyond the marginal differentiation of stem skills, such a policy hurts Americans who by legacy own this country. Americans who are completely loyal to defending the country should be protected by the government as well in areas of employment.
    The only immigration that there should be a complete open door policy is medical research. There all hands are needed, and appreciated. The net effect of nearly all other immigration benefits only the immigrant. This never was the policy of the US in any other generation. For example, during massive industrialization immigrants were needed to build and labor in factories. There was not a citizenry available to complete this task. The tasks in technology can be completed by the present citizens. Therefore open Asian immigration FAILS to meet the litmus test that has always been applied to immigration which is MUTUAL BENEFIT.

  • No limits on Asians

    Of course the US should not limit Asian immigrants, or frankly, immigrants in general. The nation is built on immigrants - immigrant labor, immigrant population, immigrant values, immigrant faiths and religions. When considering whether to limit or expel immigrants one must ask themselves, "Why don't you kick yourself out? Because you're an immigrant, too."

  • Asian Americans come to America legally to prosper, and their numbers should not be limited.

    Asian American immigrants tend to be very hard-working and come to the United States legally. These citizens come in search of opportunities for careers, a better sense of freedom, and to be prosperous citizens in America. They make for ideal citizens and their numbers should not be limited in this day and age.

  • They bring wonderful culture with them.

    No, the United States should not limit the number of Asian American immigrants, because Asian Americans have wonderful culture, intelligence, and goals. They are a welcome addition to this country and they do wonderful things. Also, they are more of a minority than other groups in the United States, so having them here will help balance our race in the country.

  • No they should not.

    I do not think the US should limit the amount of Asian American immigrants. I think as long as they are going about it legally they should be welcomed into our country with open arms. I think allowing immigration will also help us create a better and stronger bond with the Asian countries.

  • Open Door Policy

    I do not believe the United States should limit the number of Asian American immigrants. Actually they would be Asian immigrants if they weren't already citizens, which would make immigration pointless since they would already be here. Anyway, I feel America was built on immigration and I feel it should have an open door policy to welcome all types, in any quantity.

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