Should the United States make an attempt to overthrow the North Korean government?

Asked by: bcas562
  • The people of north korea are the worst treated in the world. They deserve the same freedoms the rest of the world enjoy

    Leaving it up to North Korea and their allies, has not achieved anything. The people of North Korea will not thank the world for allowing the tyranny to continue for generations. Just like with Japan & Germany, talk was never going to solve the problem in the end. Destroy the evil ones oppressing the people and let the road to peace that comes out of the dust finally begin.

  • The North Korean Government has committed horrific Acts

    North Korea, if any country, should be the focus of the CIA, and the American Government, to overthrow and set a proper government in its place.

    Satellites and Former North Koreans have given plenty of information that the North Korean Government has tortured, mutilated, killed, and conducted tests on living human beings, both children and adults.

    They violate constant human rights, and too many people are scared of their super ally China.

  • It's not there country

    That's my opinion, the North Koreans is a isolated country, ruled by the dictator and a communist state they don't benefit by overthrowing there land and territory and if the United States overthrows the government what would China do? I'm pretty sure China has big relationship with North Korea not necessary Let there people die they are only killing them selfs

  • The US should not make an attempt to overthrow North Korea

    Having the United States make an attempt to overthrow North Korea is such a bad idea. It would be as if a grown up tried to attack and little child holding a loaded weapon. The child will immediately act out with the only option it has against such a huge opponent, firing its weapons. Once that happens the US will regret it and people will eventually die for something so little.

  • It isn't realistic

    Yes North Korea's government sucks and is in its current form a crime against humanity, but if the U.S. Were to overthrow the gov then China would be pissed. Tensions between the U.S. And China are already very high and the last thing anyone wants is another conflict. Could the U.S. Overthrow the North Korean Gov? Yes, very easily, but it may have unintended consequences.

  • It's not their government

    It's not America to judge what is best for Koreans. That's Korea's job. If Korea wanted their government overthrown thee would have done it by now and started an uproar. Sure I agree that the Korean government isn't the best I don't think that we should interfere with their government until people start to riot.

  • You Only Need Some Middle School Knowledge for This!

    Go back to middle school for a second. If your friend is having a problem with someone else, do you get yourself involved? No way, buddy. The best thing to do is stay out of it. That's exactly what the US should do. We have no right to intrude North Korea, no matter how bad things get. It's not our problem.

  • No reason to get directly involved.

    Getting directly involved could set off WW3. Besides, the N Korean government is on its way to implosion, what with their unsustainable policies in every area. Personally, I think they will destroy themselves sooner than the US could realistically overthrow them. It's not worth risking Americans anyway in another foreign conflict.

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