Should the United States make assisted suicide legal?

  • I think that assisted suicide should be legal in the whole world. I am very passionate about how I feel on my reasonings.

    I think it should be legal because if someone wants to die they should have a choice how they want it done. I also feel that if its not legal they will do it themselves and that is even more painful. Another reasoning is that we do the same thing to animals, we pit them down, why cant we do that to humans too.

  • I think that assisted suicide should be legal in the whole world. I am very passionate about how I feel on my reasonings.

    I think it should be legal because if someone wants to die they should have a choice how they want it done. I also feel that if its not legal they will do it themselves and that is even more painful. Another reasoning is that we do the same thing to animals, we pit them down, why cant we do that to humans too.

  • It's my life I can die if I want to.

    I have never been anything but miserable my entire life. I want nothing more than to die right here right now. We all die and will not remember this life when we die. Why wait? It's my life and I can die if I want to. If the resources were available I would end my life today.

  • We cannot deny them their rights.

    If someone chooses to die, and they are in a mental healthy state, they should be granted that right. For example, if an old woman or man becomes ill, and they say they want to die when they loose their memory or are in other ways mentally ill, or even physically, that is their choice. If they are in good health mentally when they choice when and how they want to die, it should be granted to them. One who is depressed is not in good mental health, and should be brought back to good mental health before they can make that decision. Another example is, if someone finds out they are terminally ill and can only live for 6 months, trapped inside a hospital, and experiencing agonizing pain, should not they have the right to hold their head up and say, I want to die in a peaceful and dignified way. It is us, the peoples, decision on whether we should be able to live or die. It is a human right and it should be regarded justly.

  • And not just for the elderly, people who have bad lives should have the option as well.

    I think people who struggle or have struggled throughout their whole lives should have this option. If your credit is bad, you have no money, your homeless, or you just don't agree with how life is, this should be an option. Why live off government / state assistance, especially if your uneducated and don't stand a chance in this world. And there are those who just don't agree with how mankind has created this world, why be a slave?

  • Honestly it's wrong to go against someone's own will

    There should be a legal way to do this...By signing a contract or so then it will be legal to put your lives in the assistant's hands...
    I honestly want this because I myself want to die and desire a painful death...You can back out of the contract at any time...
    The reason why I feel this way is because I am lonely...I can't find a lover for my needs...
    I'm a prisoner in my own body...It hurts in my chest when I watch people have sexual interactions...I may sometimes cry and get turned off and eventually end up curled up in the corner depressed...I'm not hiding that...

    What better way to get rid of these feelings forever than death itself...Without death this world would be in total chaos...Death keeps order and balance but imbalance if done incorrectly...

    I am being used by my parents to bring things to them from the refrigerator...If that's my purpose in life I deserve to die...I never asked to be created and used as a tool...My parents can get up themselves and get their own food...I am not designed to be used in that sort...They do it constantly...I would do it sometimes without question but with them...It's ridiculous...

    I plan to wait for this to be legal...

  • So many suffer because of the government's poor choices

    I my self suffer from wanting to do suicide and desire help to end my own life. Why put your lives in the laws hands...They're no better than us...Infact they do alot worse than we do... But saying yes to suicide help would be the greatest answer to my problems. Which Is why I agree that stake. We humans are like parasites and feed off of the planet's resources...Believing it is unlimited...Till it can no longer produce anything. Losing man kind on this world would be the best thing that happen. Well not all of us are bad just a large quantity of people are considered bad people. People always say live on others say that's a stupid idea more say that's the chicken way out. I rejected those answers... I prefer facing death agonizingly and painfully with help of course. If I gave a contract that this individual is the only person who can kill me...Let assisting suicide legal...We have our own decisions to choose for are selves...People can't be considered god and place a flag on a current location and call it theirs...Soon this would would be so crowded we will have to move on to another world...And feed off of those resources until it is dead as well...The only actual resource this world needs is it's oil...The oil is it's blood...You remove the blood and the world would become unstable...I'm not saying humans are bad...I'm saying they're using far too much...Preserve what you have go solar. All I'm saying is....Suicide assistance is helpful to us...Even though taking a life isn't intended to be good. I'd prefer everyone around me would forget about me. I'm only saying this because my parents are selfish...I never asked to be created in the first place...Yet they use me as a tool to bring them stuff from the refrigerator. That's not what I wanted to be created to do...I deserve to die if that's my purpose in life...

  • Death is better some ways of living.

    I worked a long time in the medical feed taking care of people that were unable to take care of themselves. I would rather be dead than be bedridden, with a urinary catheter, wearing a diaper, getting supplement through a feeding tube and being unable to reposition myself. To me that is not living.

  • Life is tough

    I believe that if you have no chance to live a normal life that you should be able to take your own life. But what do you do when youre in a hospital bed and theyre pretty much detaining you, and holding you against your will to live and try to fight this painful excuse of a good ending to life

  • Limitations are in place

    This law is not for people that are in temporarily a lot of pain, this would be made for people that are terminally ill. There will obviously be rules put in place for instance in my opinion the person should have to be examined by a government appointed psychiatrist and examined for a minimum of one month. This way it can be proven that they aren't thinking irrationally and also in this month it gives the people time to think about what they are doing before the actual act is committed. This law would not be put in place without regulations being added and amendments being made.

  • Suicide is not how you solve problems, it`s a way to run away from them and is unnecessary.

    If you commit suicide, why are you doing it, it`s unnecessary if you`re terminally ill. If you think your life sucks then that`s no reason to end it. Some of you say you don`t know why you`re even alive, there`s a reason. If anyone who ever had a problem killed themselves then we would not be here today. Overcoming adversity and supporting others who have problems is what makes us stronger as a nation. Never do this, it`s crossing a line that you can`t come back over. Now why it should be illegal is that first off it contradicts the hypocratic oath, the doctor no longer tries to save the life, but stop the pain. Why would the doctor not want you to commit suicide, he gets more money for less effort. Now I`m gonna be honest, if you seriously consider suicide, especially assisted suicide, you need to realize that life is as good as you make it, you might just be getting food from the fridge for your parents and frustrated in love, but that does not matter. If you think your life is useless then go be useful, change someone`s world and never give up. Even the smallest things make a difference.

  • It goes against the hippocratic oath, the practice of religions including islam, judaism, and christianity that makes up 96% of the world.

    Most people agree that "God" is the only one who deserves to give someone life, and be the one to take it away. Therefore, in terms of religions, it is not okay to end ones life due to an illness, or a family members. Also, the hippocratic oath states that it goes against the main practice of physicians that they mustn't harm a patient in any way shape or form.

  • It's the same as suicide cause by bullying. Do we agree with that? Then why should we agree to this?

    Honestly, someone who has a medical issue and is in pain is almost in the same position as a teen who is bullied everyday and hurt both physically and emotionally. However, we don't give the teen the option to suicide, correct? We agree that it's wrong; ending your life is not the way to do it, because there are still people who are there for that person, people who care. Also, why should someone help kill another person? Like said before, the "helper" should not be awarded because nothing is worse than death. And also, as mentioned before, don't we all have that relative who wants to die? Like, if they end up in the emergency room, they'll say, "Oh! It hurts so bad - just kill me. I want this to end." Yeah, I know them and guess what? Just yesterday I was talking to one of them: they were laughing and having a great time. Thankfully, assisted suicide is illegal here.

  • Assisted suicide should not be made legal.

    Assisted suicide should not be made legal. Suicide is killing. Killing is murder. Murder is illegal. Therefore, suicide should also be illegal. Anyone who wants to end their life won’t care very much about the law, but someone helping them kill themselves would be murder. That person should be punished, not awarded.

  • It opens the door for pressure put on people to take this option.

    There are many people who, at a low point in their life, see suicide as the only answer. But frequently, once they receive help, they change their minds and go on to live relatively happy lives. If they were given the option of assisted suicide at that low point, they would have taken it.

    Posted by: NettN355
  • No, it would do more harm than good.

    I don't see any reason to make assisted suicide legal. First off, suicide being legal or not, really has no bearing on the victim of the suicide. It's not like we can punish them after they have killed themselves. As for the person that helps in the suicide, I see issues arising from making this person's role in the suicide legal. The number one issue that I see is persons claiming to have assisted in someone's suicide when the evidence doesn't necessarily support their claim. In a lot of these cases, it will be a challenge to prove if the "assistant" assisted or murdered the deceased. Legalizing assisted suicide seems to help the assistant, not those who wish to depart this Earth. And, I feel that if someone truly sees suicide as the best option they don't need much help from anyone else. Their determination to leave this world, and their conviction, are enough to accompany them in getting the job done.

    Posted by: MohaI0v35
  • I would say no, until we understand more about the spiritual process of death, which we do not.

    Most religions emphatically oppose assisted suicide. There is a strong belief that we are on the Earth to fulfill a particular purpose and then we move on. I don't believe that the amount of pain a person suffers should be the deciding vote on who gets to commit suicide and who doesn't.

    And as an addendum, I am not impressed with the results of Dr. Kevorkian, a practitioner of assisted suicide who was not only convicted of murder but also accused by many of killing some of his patients who decided at the last minute not to commit suicide. The pivotal argument against Dr. Kevorkian's efforts seems to be that someone who is dying may also be depressed and not in a position to competently decide to end his or her life, a position to which I also ascribe.

    Posted by: IordDas

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