Should the United States military, CIA, And the NSA be abolished and given to Russia?

Asked by: snyder1171
  • Make America peacefule again

    Ever since our Independence from Greta britain in 1774, The United States armed forces have followed the same ambition as the brutal western European colonial powers of the time pursued, Stealing land, Oppressing nation's, Taking resources, Raping women and children, And not giving any of the benefits to the civilians, Only the leaders and military leaders have reaped these benefits. The only good thing our military has done good for the world was to get rid of fascism in Europe in ww2. Our military does not create peace in any sense of the word for the countries we invade or domestically.

    The United States military is an outrageously expensive death creating machine, It makes up the majority of what our tax dollars go into, Over 600 billion. I would prefer if we abolished our military, The CIA, And the NSA, And give the technology, Secrets, And all 800 oversea military bases to Russia for free as a gesture of reprotchment to establish better relations. I feel that Russia would have better use for our military and CIA and NSA technology than we could. I would then take the 600 billion dollars that used to be the military budget and invest into the nation and fund medical research advancements and overall make America into the most prosperous welfare state in the world and overall show the world that America can be a nation of peace.

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