• Isis will get bigger and attack on usa soil

    I believe America is America because of JESUS CHRIST AND CHRISTIANITY. Look at history. The crusades was one of the worst religious wars this planet has ever seen. If the situation with Isis is not defused, Americans will unfortunately become brainwashed by radicals. No attacks on USA soil sounds really nice to me. We cant just let them handle their business when WE ARE THEIR BUSINESS. They HATE America. Last time

  • Only way for peace.

    Yes, the United States military should re-enter Iraq, because Iraq was not ready to be an independent nation. If we do not return and restart the job that we started after September 11, we will undo the gains that so many people fought for, died for, and were separated from their families for. The country needs us.

  • Control Needed in Iraq

    With the Iraq situation continuing to get worse and worse, we need military assistance in the country to attempt to control the situation and mediate the issues. We should not stand by and let the issues continue to escalate when we can step in and attempt to provide support and assistance. Having military forces there will also mean that we have first hand information as things happen.

  • No, it Would be a Waste of American Lives

    By re-entering Iraq, we risk the lives and well-being of American soldiers in order to save a country that is already splintering, mostly due to the large number of tensions between different ethnic groups. In short, we would be endangering American citizens to keep together a country that wants to fall apart.

  • No the US military should not go back into Iraq

    I said the same thing another opinions topic and I am going to say it again 'Case in point, what is happening at the moment is exactly what people were afraid of what would happen when the American and several other armed forces invaded Iraq in the first place. Also It was western intervention in the middle east after WWI, when under the treaty of Sèvres the allies broke up a already collapsing Ottoman Empire creating the current middle eastern countries with no regard and no knowledge of the people living in that region subsequently forcing peoples of different beliefs e.g. the Sunni's and the Shiite's, to live together, creating the current mess in first place, with later intervention in the cold war and the later decades by many western countries but particularly the US making the problems even worse than they already were after 1918.'

  • The US military should not re-enter Iraq

    The US military should not enter Iraq. The majority of American have already voiced their opinion the first time the military entered Iraq that they don't believe the US military belongs there. The US has done enough there. MIlitary spending is out of control, we don't need to spend any more US dollars on foreign soil. The US government is already in a huge deficit and the country should be concerned with saving money, not spending.

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