• Take em down

    Like have you seen London? It's the ugliest city ever, It always rains, The people only play soccer, Way too many criminals, Food that tastes like it came straight from Hell, Homophobia, Anti semitism, Etc etc etc! Trump should nuke the shit out of them and then give the survivors a death sentence!

  • Yes they should

    I think that the USA should nuke the United Kingdom because have you seen the Uk like omg god they are the worst country ever ok and yes I think that the USA should nuke the uk ok ok ok so yeah my final answer is yes ok ok ok

  • f**k the UK

    These brits r kinda annoying am i right lets just f***ing nuke them. They have ugly teeth and i think that is more than a good reason to nuke a country but if we need another reason then lets nuke then for their gay accents. USA USA USA USA USA

  • Turn them to a wasteland

    f**k the UK. Who wants to be controlled by an old woman? No one. British people only drink tea and play soccer. They were the ones who controlled us, And made slavery legal. Let's drop the nukes on them before they take over us again! America f**k yeah! 2 more

  • Let's Feed 'em to the Sharks!

    The United Kingdom's had it good for long enough, It's crimes against the indigenous peoples and sharks of the world must be repaid in atomic fire! By turning the entire nation into a smoking pile of glowing rubble, Maybe then will the world finally return to a state of peace. Bombs away!

  • I hate being British

    It's so miserable in UK I want it wiped off the map its dirty it's ugly I hate being forced to live there against my will I get so annoyed I'm so mad why does this need so many words it f***ing sucks I'm so annoyed this is f***ing gay

  • The UK is gross

    I do not like 🇬🇧 because it is so gross because the United Kingdom is like the worst country it had like more crimes than any toner country I prefer to live in USA rather than stupid dumb United Kingdom because the United Kingdom is like gross ugly and so a stupid Worse country than the USA go USA 🇺🇸

  • Russia could destroy us

    Just ignore UK. They won't bother us in future or else Russia could gather with European Union to destroy US. Just leave the Shit or else suffer the consequences of inappropriate decision. I clearly wanna say no to this shitty thing. Leave this nonsense. Just do your work. Enjoy your life & let others enjoy.

  • Only in your fan fiction writings

    We are allies with the UK and we would become a target and Russia could form an alliance with Europe to destroy us. They could come via Alaska, Or send some ICBMs,

    Just ignore the UK because the last thing you want is some super government being created to police other nations, Because it could backfire and mess with America.

  • Not Even England

    Whether you think the UK is gross or not, I don’t give a shit. Its true that they have a pompous royal family that I would love to see dead. Its true that the end of the Common Wealth would be a blessing and its true that leaving the European Union was a dick move. Its true that it’s cruel not to let Scotland become independent is cruel. So, As u see, There is no need to nuke the whole UK, Only England. But no one’s doing that because there are still millions of innocent children there and as much as I would like to see England gone, I would hate to see the innocent part of it’s population die.

  • Clearly sarcasm lol

    All the "yes" answers are pretty hilarious, To be honest. Because I know they are all joking. Britain is a beautiful country. If you nuke them, You will end up destroying a lot of history. And I ain't for that! Soccer sucks, American football is better, Obviously. But that's no reason to nuke them!

  • Why you do that

    What is wrong with you yes people. That is really offensive and if you don't like the country, Ignore it and don't make some stupid debate on it, And hurt the survivors are the worst idea ever. Are you crazy. Why you do that. Why just why guys. You jerks.

  • No, That's stupid

    The last thing we need is unprompted nuclear warfare. America has done enough damage with Hiroshima and Nagasaki. The UK has done nothing to deserve being nuked and we should leave them alone. I'm not sure why anyone would ask this question. I think there are more civilized ways to interact with countries than blowing them up.

  • You must be joking.

    If you think the US could win a war against the UK, You are surely mistaken. Because you wouldn't be fighting the UK. You would be fighting the entire f***ing commonwealth, That's 54 countries including the UK, Australia, Canada, India and the countless African countries that are constant resources for the nations. The Queen could literally alienate America and no one has the authority to stop her.

  • No! No! No!

    Whoever voted yes is a MONSTER, This is
    Complete bullshit! If anyone thinks that every person in the UK is murderous and homophobic, Then they are being racist. As a citizen of the UK I know that most people here are kind and moral. This debate should not even exist, There

  • How is this even a question?

    Really? This is actually being debated? There is now reason to nuke the UK! The Uk is a historic ally of the US. Oh. . And its inmoral and illegal. It would kill millions; if Hiroshima and Nagasaki was bad this would be cataclysmic. What monsters voted 'yes' on this. Really!

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