Should the United States of America change its relationship with Israel?

  • Pay their own bills

    Why are we liable for something that happened 70 years ago to the Jews that had nothing to do with the US? I'm pretty sure soon the last Holocaust survivors will be dead in the next ten years, if they are not able to support their own country at this point its their own fault. We're running out of Christians waiting for Jesus to come back anyway now that everyone has become ghey.

  • Yes the USA should

    The USA is making eneimies in the Middle East and if they keep supporting Israel the USA is going to find it's butt in the cliff. USA is giving atleast $3 billion dollars to Israel EVERYDAY! The USA needs to stop supporting Israel as it will just bankrupt the USA.

  • The USA should change our relationship with Israel because we supposedly do not support terrorists.

    The United States of America says that they do not deal with terrorists or states and nations that support terrorism, and yet they are stalwart allies of a country that routinely fires missiles into apartment buildings and bulldozes houses with protesters in them. This relationship breeds more terrorism and inspires hatred around the world against America, making this relationship not in America's best interests.

    Posted by: FlakyHerb64
  • In order to make peace in the Middle East, the original boundaries must be honored.

    Even though it would be nice to have only Israel in the country designated for Israel and Palestine, that is an act so hypocritical that it threatens to derail world peace. Israel should not show greed and lack of character, in the same way as Germany did in the second World War. Palestine needs a place to exist and, if there is going to be any lasting peace in the region, then the land must be separated in a way that is fair, and monitored by a third party, such as the UN.

    Posted by: DisillusionedGilberto67
  • The U.S.A should continue their strong relationship with Israel

    I do feel that the relationship needs to stay as is, if not improve. Most of the people do not know that 75% of the money that goes to Israel, comes back to America, and also creates jobs. Israel helps the United States, being that Israel is the only sturdy and stable democracy in the Middle East that does not hate America, or has a population that hates America. Who else does America have? Saudi Arabia? Egypt? Jordan? Lebanon? None of their populations are stable, how can we trust them? I feel it is in America's best interest to stay locked with Israel.

  • Now is not the time to be abandoning our allies.

    Why should the Israelis have to abandon their nationality if the Palestinians were not asked to do the same? Why should they have to give up the fight for peace if those surrounding them would not do the same? These are a people who have been mistreated all throughout history and in one act of kindness have their homeland returned to them, just to have it ripped away again? This in itself resembles America at our revolution, the plight of the underdog put up against unimaginable odds, why are we not all supporting Israel? Maybe at an earlier time we might have invested somewhere else. But now? After so much. It is our moral duty to provide whatever help we can! This is a test of American spirit, we shall not bend to the rules of the tyrant, though they may out number us. And as I recall, The US needs all the friends we can at the time... lets not prove the terrorists right, eh? Lets show them we're not a weak culture that will turn and run from the first signs of trouble! GOD BLESS AMERICA AND LETS SHOW THEM WHATS FOR!

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