Should the United States of America withhold all aid that it supplies to Syria until the Syrian Social Nationalist Party is extinguished?

  • Withhold all aid.

    The United States of America should withhold all aid that it supplies to Syria until the Syrian Social Nationalist Party is extinguished. This is because there are activities associated with the party that are less than favorable to national and international affairs. More democratic behavior should be shown to get aid back.

  • Yes we should

    Yes we should with hold all Aid to Syria, till they can get rid of the Syrian Social Nationalist Party. They are doing nothing but causing and wreaking havoic in the country. They are not trying to better the country at all during this time. They are greedy and it boils down to money.

  • Syria Is A complex Issue

    Syria is far too complex to reduce down to a "pull or not to pull aid" question. There is far too much going on there, and the Unites States of America needs to have some contact on the ground with what is happening there. If America pulls all of its aid, it is turning a blind eye to what is happening there.

  • Withholding aid that is supplied to Syria until the SSNP is extingished?

    I don't think withholding aid would help the Syrian Social Nationalist Party extingish , I believe that if you still give some aid and show your concern about the party and persuade them to make a choice that would be different then just taking it away because the people in Syria are in need of help.

  • People Need Them Now

    The Syrian Social Nationalists maybe stealing some of those supplies, but the people who have nothing to do with the war still need those supplies. The US and the other countries who are supplying them could try to be more pinpoint with their drop locations. It will never be perfect, but in order to win the war they have to have those supplies.

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