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  • The US should offer illegal imigrants a path towards citizenship

    There's millions of illegal immigrants in the United States today, and they deserve a legal path towards citizenship. The U.S. economy, particularly the farming and food markets, is heavily supported by the work of illegal immigrants. It doesn't make sense to eject people who have become an important part of our country. Plus, deportation breaks up families and often sends immigrants back to dangerous situations in their home countries. By offering a path to citizenship, immigrants can continue to contribute to the US. They will have to pay taxes, and will be able to better assimilate into American life.

  • Rem,ind me what it says on the Statue of Liberty again?

    This recent strain of fear and distrust of foreigners confuses me honestly, when did America forget that none of us are natives? I'm not going to come over all sympathetic for the genocide and land grab that we started with, but how can you even say with a straight face that America doesn't want immigrants?

  • Yes, it is the only way to control the immigration problem.

    The U.S. has ignored the immigration problem for so long that the only solution now is to get control of the border and find a way to integrate the immigrants who are here into mainstream society. These immigrants want to be American and the government needs to offer them a way to become citizens.

  • The U.S. Should offer immigrants paths to citizenship once the border is secure.

    The U.S. should allow illegal immigrants in the U.S. a path through citizenship which is fair to legal immigrants in terms and lengths. Before the U.S. can develop such a program, a basic level of border control of immigration needs to be established so that the pool of legalized immigrants are those living here now, and not develop an incentive for illegal immigration.

  • It should never be allowed.

    I believe that any criminal act similar to this should be punished by being banned from the country. People who illegally immigrate to another country should be deported regardless if they have had children in the county after entering the county. Those who have been here for decades should be the lowest priority of deportation.

  • Not in a million years.

    That would just teach people that anyone can come into America illegally and become a citizen. While many law abiding people wait unfairly in line to come here legally. Definitely not.
    That's like saying;
    "Break our laws! We'll reward you!"

    They can go back to their own country and get at the back of the line.

  • No, the USA shouldn't offer illegals a path towards citizens.

    I do not think that the United States of America should offer illegal immigrants a path towards citizenship. I think that all illegal aliens in the United States should be deported. They broke a law to get here. And the last thing the nation should be doing is rewarding them.

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