Should the United States pass a law to make all illegal Mexicans legal?

Asked by: jessicamaria95
  • Tricky question, tricky answer

    Strictly speaking no country would ever allow EVERY illegal immigrant to become legal -even countries very willing to receive immigrants, like the US of yore, have always run background checks, so criminals will be caught and sent back (within the limitations of every background check system: remember the 9/11 hijackers, who were from "friendly" Saudi Arabia, were legally residing in sunny Florida).

    But I think the goal of the question is whether it would be ok for the US to essentially grant illegal Mexican immigrants a free pass, and economically speaking, the answer is yes. At some point the influx of Mexican immigrants can become excessive, and that would be the time to shut down the borders, but we are not there yet. But right now the US economy needs Mexican workers. And they sure work. They do the things Americans simply don't want to do. They are often pictured as lazy and unreliable: in reality, they work way harder than the average American worker. Conservatives (the kind that have never worked in any place other than their office desk) love to say that any red blooded American would gladly take a Mexican's job: in reality this is quite incorrect. I work in construction, and if the industry had to depend on American workers alone, we would all go bust in five minutes.

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  • No, absolutely not!

    Stay home and fight to make Mexico great again! America simply cannot save the world and it is up to other countries to clean up their mess and make their home country a better place to live, so stop running from it and run back to it and make it better!

  • Control border first

    All these bogus arguments about "bringing people out of the shadows" pretend that they are victims, but they are here voluntarily. I don't blame them for taking a good deal. But that doesn't mean I owe them something. I blame the political people who need more poor to pretend to rescue with tax money to buy votes. They are willing to keep borders open to sell out our own unskilled workers to purchase future elections. We need to care about our own first. Until you fully control your borders, you don't have an immigration policy, the immigrants have the policy.

  • No To Amnesty

    My family came here the legal route, had our shots, a sponsor, the whole works. My father was so proud to immigrate here and loved this country. He never took a dime in asssistance. Either we have laws or it's a free-for-all. Which will be the next law we override for a group of people that have already broken the law? Why do we want to import poverty? The law should stand for all and not just a select few to compromise.

  • The U.S will become Mexico

    I feel like there is wayyy to many illegal mexicans in the united states. If they all become legal more will start coming and soon this will become mexico. I have nothing agaisnt mexicans, dont get me wrong, but there are just way to many. And also half of them are doing illegal stuff and are traficants.

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